Although there are 5,000 airports in the U.S., only 500 of them get regular commercial service. Moreover, of those 500, only 70 airports offer frequent commercial flights.

Businesses still need to get from A to B. One solution for today’s global market is corporate aircraft.

Read on to learn about aircraft valuation for three of the most affordable corporate jets. 

Are Corporate Jets Doable?

If you thought that Fortune 500 companies make up the most significant component of private jet travel, you’re mistaken.

According to the National Business Aviation Association, these add up to only 3% of total private jet travel. The vast majority is made up of small to large businesses, charitable organizations, governments, and universities.

Here is a list of three of the most affordable corporate jets for you to consider.

1. Cirrus Vision Jet

The Vision is the least expensive private jet on the market. Priced at $1.96 million, the Vision is a single-engine private jet. 

This aircraft took ten years to design, but it was worth the wait. It can cruise at 345 mph at a maximum altitude of 28,000 ft and can accommodate up to five adults and two children.

Of course, as you’d expect, the interior is spacious and luxurious. 

This bird is designed to be flown by the owner, but you can also hire a pilot. Before you buy, make sure to get a VREF verified report for that aircraft.

2. Cessna Citation CJ3+

Need a bit more room? The new and improved Cessna Citation CJ3+ can fit up to nine passengers. Its price sticker reads $8.3 million.

The original CJ3 launched in 2014, but it is a derivative of one of the most popular aircraft ever built the Citation Jet. The new version has an upgraded Garmin 3000 avionics system and a cabin that is more comfortable.

With swing-out seats, large windows, and Wi-Fi, your aircraft is comfortable and connected.

  1. Embraer Phenom 300

The Phenom 300 is the best selling business jet on the planet. The sticker price is $8.995 million.

The Phenom 300 continues to be the number one aircraft, and it does so due to its versatility. The cabin is comfortable enough for both short and long-haul flights. Best of all, this jet can take off from shorter runways, which means you can leave from practically anywhere. With over 500 built and 

With a suite of Garmin 3000 powered Prodigy Touch avionics and a set of powerplants from Pratt & Whitney, this plane fills a beautiful void in business aviation that was once filled by the Hawker 800 and LearJet 45 and 60. 

Your team can stretch out on fully reclining leather seats or get some work down on foldaway tables. Of course, the Wi-Fi and entertainment systems are top-notch.

There’s room for up to eight passengers, nine if you put someone in the lav. There’s also a gallery for food prep, and the Phenom 300 happens to be one the better performing aircraft in terms of resale value.

Final Thoughts on Corporate Jets

Thanks for reading! We hope this overview of the most affordable corporate jets help your business thrive.

Don’t buy an aircraft with an unknown history. Find out how much the plane is worth by getting a VREF Verified Value Report today.