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The VREF Aircraft Value Reference Guide provides aircraft professionals with the latest, most up to date data for the following categories of aircraft:

  • Piston Fixed Wing including current production, Light sport and experimental.
  • Piston Helicopter all in and out of production models.
  • Turbo-Prop Fixed Wing all in and out of production models.
  • Turbine Fixed Wing all in and out of production models.
  • Turbine Helicopter all in and out of production models.
  • Business Jet all in and out of production models.
  • Commercial Narrow Body all in and out of production models.
  • UAV’s…coming soon!

VREF Online

VREF Online is a subscription-only, cloud-based software program featuring aircraft values (Historic and Current), optional equipment lists, performance data, maintenance expenses, modifications, upgrades along with troubleshooting and field notes.

As an Online subscriber you are free to input your aircraft Serial Number specific data in real time and VREF does all the work providing you with a customized report that includes Market Value (Retail and Wholesale) for your aircraft or helicopter which, you can send to your client, bank or insurance company as an evaluation. You can depend on VREF to be 100% accurate as the data is provided direct from manufacturers, and every major bank and financial institution and the industry’s leading distributors, dealers and brokers report closing transaction numbers on a regular basis.

VREF is the only trusted source for aircraft valuations and is the official Value Guide of the AOPA.

How To Male a More Accurate VREF Evaluation

VREF Book Subscriptions

VREF Book Subscriptions are printed versions of our online database and contain ….they’re mailed out quarterly on:

March 1-May 31
June 1 – August 31
September 1 – November 30
December 1 – February 28

VREF offers a number of packages between these services and products for you to get full access to all our aircraft valuation data on a current basis, with options to add more subscribers to your account, or Valuation Guides to your account as well.

Subscribe now to get full access to our complete library of current and historical aircraft data.

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