The Embraer Phenom 300 broke the mold of the light business jet when it was introduced in 2009.

Embraer, the Brazilian aerospace manufacturer, responded to requests from its customers for a larger jet (bigger than the Phenom 100) with great success. Since 2012, the Phenom 300 has accounted for more than half of the light jet’s market share!

Read on to learn more about how the Phenom 300 stands out from its competition in the light jet industry!

Increased Capacity

The Phenom 300 has an increased capacity when compared to its successor, the Phenom 100.

When it was released in 2007, the Phenom 100 was heralded for its cutting edge design cues and its overall build quality. However, despite its great reviews, one of the main requests from customers was an increased passenger count in a future model. 

The Phenom 100 was only big enough to carry five to seven passengers. However, that all changed in 2009. The Phenom 300 can carry one to two crew members and up to nine passengers!

Local Production

The Phenom 300 is by a Brazilian by design, but it is manufacturered closer than you may imagine.

The success of the model caused Embraer to shift its focus to being assembled closer to where it is most often used and sold – the United States!

Since July 2016, the Phenom 300 has been assembled in Melbourne, Florida. The location gives Embraer the ability to assemble the aircraft in the USA.

Operators in the USA and UK

If you live in the United States or the United Kingdom and charter light business jets, or maybe you are considering your first purchase, then the Phenom 300 should be a top contender!

The Brazilian jet is flown by five operators in the United States and two in the UK. In the USA, Flexjet, Flight Options, NetJets, Delta Private Jets, and JetSuite each fly the Phenom 300. In the UK, operators are limited to Flairjet and SaxonAir.

Although there are only seven operators across those two countries, it hasn’t stopped interest in the jet. In 2014, 73 models were delivered worldwide, and in March 2019, the 500th Phenom 300 was delivered! It was the number one selling aircraft according to GAMA in 2013, 2014, and 2015 and with so many hours already logged on the airframe, the semi-composite fuselage is proving to be dependable as well as good looking. 

Powerful Engine

The Phenom 300 boasts two Pratt & Whitney PW535E turbofans!

These are some of the most powerful jet engines on the market in this class. They have 3,360 pounds-force of thrust in each engine, which allows the Phenom 300 to travel 2,270 miles on a one-way trip. 

Pratt & Whitney has been a leader in business jet engine production since November 1993 and continues to produce some of the most sought after engines in the world.

Wrapping Up: Flying a Phenom 300 

The Embraer Phenom 300 is a business jet that provides a unique combination of size and luxury.

Besides being a great private jet for your friends and family, it is also built to last. The useful life of the aircraft is expected to be 35,000 flight hours – the equivalent of more than 1,458 days in the air!

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