VREF AF (Affiliate Integrations)
and 1-Click Import

VREF AF provides Affiliate Marketing Integration (via API), which means adding VREF Online to your own commercial website can be a reality! Keep people on your site and start earning commissions from VREF products they buy!

VREF AF offers the following features:

  • Easy integration
  • Your own logo on the VREF Online platform
  • Automatic updates
  • Live all the time
  • Real-time statistics
  • See your organic traffic grow.
  • Decrease your bounce rate
  • Increase visibility
  • Preformatted links that include your affiliate ID guarantee that affiliates will earn their commission after an order is processed.
  • Sell more, earn more revenue!
  • Our staff of engineers and developers are based in Chicago, IL, and available during regular business hours, not off-shore!

For more information and pricing, please contact VREF at [email protected].

*VREF AF is not available for individual subscribers

VREF 1-Click provides our pre-packaged data in CSV format, which you can import into your corporate database*.

VREF 1-Click data includes the following:

  • Manufacturer, make, model, year
  • Serial numbers for each model year
  • Retail value by model
  • Wholesale value by model
  • Change since new
  • Change since last quarter
  • Future residual values 15-year forecast
  • For more information and pricing, please contact VREF at [email protected]

*1-Click is not available for individual subscribers.

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