There are more than 9,000 commercial helicopters in the US alone. These aircraft have become a critical part of modern society.

One of the most popular helicopter models is the Bell 206 series. It’s one of the most iconic designs you can find today. It appears in movies as well as television shows and it’s a popular choice for local broadcasting stations as well.

There are thousands of Bell 206 helicopters in circulation today. Below, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this aircraft.

The Benefits of Owning a Helicopter

Before looking at the Bell 206, let’s analyze some of the benefits of owning a helicopter. Whether it’s for personal or business use, owning one of these vehicles can bring many benefits.

For example, you can travel long distances in a short period of time.  They allow you to fit numerous passengers. And, depending on the model, you can even enjoy a decent amount of cargo space as well.

Remember that the best way to find out the price of a helicopter is to hire professional aircraft appraisal services. This will give you an accurate estimate of its price while taking into account the condition of the vehicle.

What You Need to Know About the Bell 206 Helicopter

If you are thinking about purchasing a Bell 206 helicopter, there are a few things you should keep in mind. For instance:

Size and Capacity

Depending on the exact model, this helicopter model can fit four to six people plus the pilot. Keep in mind that there is also a weight that starts at 1,500 pounds. Versions that have bigger engines and more robust builds may have more capacity.

As for size, the length of the vessel is almost 40 feet. And, the rotor diameter stands at 33 feet and 4 inches. The aircraft as fuel capacity of up to 110 gallons and an operating altitude of 13,500 feet.

There are Many Variations

You can find a variety of Bell 206 models today. These have the same basic design, but they can feature more room and different layouts. Not to mention a more powerful engine and fuselage.

It’s Simple and Versatile

One of the reasons this helicopter has so many applications is its versatility. It has wide loading doors which are ideal for both passengers and different types of cargo.

Historic Facts

There are close to 3,400 Bell 206 helicopters in service today. The first model came out in 1967 and there are some versions that are still in the production line today. These helicopters use an Allison motor, the same company that today goes by Rolls Royce.

Learn More About the Bell 206 and Other Aircrafts

Helicopters are suitable for private, commercial, medical, and military use. This means that they are among the most versatile vehicles out there. The Bell 206 is a great example of a flexible vehicle that still serves a variety of purposes.

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