It’s the stuff of dreams, a jet-set life flying around in your private plane. So what’s it like? Well, fasten your seatbelts because we’re about to give you the lowdown on a luxury lifestyle most of us can’t afford.

We’re going to go behind the scenes for a peek into the realm of small private jets. Here are ten facts you may not know about in what can sometimes feel like another world. Doors to automatic. We’re ready for take-off.

1. Pets on Jets Travel ‘Furs Class’

Some operators experienced an eleven percent jump in passengers traveling with pets on private jets last year. The thought of a favorite pooch being stuck in a cage placed in the cargo hold of a commercial flight can be just too much to bear.

2. Fly in for the Superbowl on Small Private Jets

The Super Bowl is the most traveled to the event by private jet. Hot on its heels for jet-setters are the Kentucky Derby and the U.S. Masters Golf Championships. They’re among the other sporting occasions frequently traveled to by private jet.

3. Exclusive Places to Land

Some destinations can only be reached using a private plane. Anguilla in the Caribbean, Spectacle Island in Maine, or Saint Moritz in Switzerland are but a few of the exclusive places to land your jet.

4. Mix with the Rich and Famous

Here are some of the top stars who own their private jets: Oprah Winfrey, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jim Carrey. Elvis Presley had a massive fleet of private jets for the time.

Celebs who can fly their plane include Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Dr. Phil.

5. It’s Cheaper than You Might Think

Hiring a private jet can sometimes work out cheaper per seat than flying first or business class or business class. It’ll depend on the type of plane and the number of passengers.

6. Don’t Forget to Tip, the Pilot

Some pilots aren’t paid as much as you’d think. They may even have had to load your luggage. It’s not unknown for passengers to tip upwards of a thousand dollars.

7. Customize Your Jet

There are more than a hundred types of private jets you can buy. Many can be kitted out to your specification. Even when you’re renting, you should be able to have your aircraft decorated in a party theme for a special occasion.

8. Drive Right up to the Plane

You should typically be able to park right next to your jet. Don’t forget to put the car in park and set the parking brake!

9. More Airports to Choose From

Private jets in the USA can take off from more than five thousand airports. Often the locations are much more convenient. Commercial jets can only choose from about five hundred and fifty airports.

10. A Safe Way to Travel

Private jets have to maintain the same safety regulations as a commercial jet. Fleets are often younger with newer technology.

The Sky’s the Limit

We hope you enjoyed your flight through some of the lesser-known facts surrounding the exclusive world of small private jets.

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