If you are trying to upgrade your lifestyle and the way that you travel, you can’t go wrong with booking a private jet.

Not only is private jet travel convenient, but it is also a greener form of travel than commercial aircraft. A huge benefit from flying private is that not only do you get to avoid the TSA line, but you also get to prevent contact with potentially millions of travelers. As the Coronavirus continues to spark fear, it is always nice to know you can protect yourself and your family with private travel.

However, flying private comes with its own set of circumstances that you need to be aware of before booking.

To learn about things like private jet fees and jet charter taxes, consider the points below.

Figure Out What Sort of Arrangement Works For You

If you are going to book a private jet, you need to get to know the different arrangements that are available to you. Some people rent the aircraft by the hour or with a flat fee for the time used, while others subscribe to service with a private jet company so that they can book a ride anytime they need it.

It’s essential that you shop around with a few different companies so that you can get to know the opportunities available to you.

Keep in mind that private jet travel comes with a host of advantages that you will enjoy. For instance, you’ll get to bypass TSA and won’t have to deal with security and baggage claim.

Doing business with an excellent jet company can make private travel a breeze.

Find a Qualified Charter Jet Company and Get a Breakdown of the Fees

It is entirely up to you to start doing your research into whatever private jet company you’d like to hire.

Do business with a jet charter company that hires qualified pilots, stays on top of aircraft appraisals and offers fair prices for any services that they offer. Make sure that you research their track record and get the fees upfront in writing. Ask for a referral list, and then call their clients and make sure there is nothing you haven’t already uncovered.

Some of the fees that you might pay include the cost of gas, landing fees, ramp fees, and overnight crew fees. The more informed you are upfront, the better you will be at negotiating.

Don’t Forget to Account For Jet Charter Taxes

Aside from the standard fees that you will pay for jet travel, it’s crucial that you also account for taxes.

For instance, people that private book jets have to pay a Federal Excise Tax, fuel tax, and a series of other forms of sales tax depending on what sort of services you book. Make sure that these taxes are included in your pricing breakdown, along with an exact percentage of what you are paying.

Double-check the rate of these taxes for yourself as well to make sure that you are being charged fairly.

Shop Around For the Charter Jet Service You Need

An educated consumer has advantages when it comes to hiring a charter company. Shy away from charter brokers unless they are fully transparent on their fees, commissions, and more critical the aircraft they are sending you. It is common for people to book an airplane only to find it’s not what they had reserved. Before you fly, punch the tail number into FlightAware or the FAA registry and see what you might not have been told. Ask the tough questions upfront, and you will have a much more enjoyable flight without the nasty surprises.

When you consider the ins and outs of private jet travel, it becomes clear that this is the way to go for your travel plans. Always do your research, so you know how much you should be paying for this fantastic service.

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