Sometimes, everything that can go wrong will at least according to Mr. Murphy. And sometimes, that lands you in litigation.

The trouble is that the people responsible for hearing out your case don’t have the context or experience necessary to make an informed decision.

This is when a VREF expert witness can help you. Here’s what they do and how they can further your case.

What is a VREF Expert Witness?

A VREF expert witness is someone who can help argue your case on a higher level.

Basically, an expert witness is someone qualified as an expert by skill, experience, knowledge or training. They may testify if:

  • The expert’s specialized knowledge will allow the trier to better understand the facts or evidence in a case
  • The expert’s testimony is based on sufficient data
  • The expert testimony is the product of reliable methods
  • The expert has reliably applied the principles and methods to the facts of the case

VREF ‘s staff are some of the most respected professionals in aviation and they each have a specialized skill set that can be of value to a law firm when dealing with complex litigation.

So, a VREF expert witness is someone who can speak to various issues  in a legal setting and do so in a way similar to that of a teacher. Remember the audience is typically jurors with little to no experience in the matter at hand, an expert shines when he or she can provide context to the case and provide layman explanations.

What They Do For You

What exactly a VREF expert witness does for you depends on your case and why you’re calling the expert witness in the first place.

You see, expert witnesses have a range of specialties and an expert witness that works well for one case may not work well for a different case.

For example, some experts specialize in valuations, including things like:

  • Valuation of general aviation aircraft
  • Valuation of corporate aircraft
  • Valuation of vintage aircraft
  • Valuation of helicopters
  • Valuation of contractual disputes
  • Valuation of damage and insurance claims

However, some experts can also speak to the economics of aircraft operation, post-accident damage, even breaches of contract.

When You Need One

Let’s say you find yourself in litigation. Do you need an expert witness?

Not all cases do, but some cases can materially benefit from their input.

Let’s say a plane malfunctioned. The exact circumstances of that malfunction, how it happened, and how it created the end result that got you in litigation involves a highly technical explanation.

The problem is that a jury isn’t composed of aviation experts. In fact, most people on a jury have no basis for understanding how this malfunction happened or why.

This is when an expert witness can help. They can provide context for the jury in order to better understand how your lawyer is arguing your case. That way, they can make an informed decision about what legal action should result.

Do You Need an Expert?

Now you know what a VREF expert witness is. So the real question is: do you need one to present the facts of your case?

If so, we can help.

We’re the voice guiding aircraft professionals, whatever your needs are. If you need to speak with us about getting a VREF expert witness, don’t wait. Use our contact page to get in touch with us today.