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VREF Expert Witness, Arbitration/Mediation and Court Appearance

Why Choose VREF as Your Expert Witness:

  • Our ASA accredited appraisers have the focus, knowledge, and expertise
  • Over 50 cases spanning 3 decades of experience and data
  • The only Aircraft Valuation Guide that is also a fully comprehensive appraisal firm that is insured and bonded.

VREF legal Services include onsite examination of the aircraft, professional photography, audit of related records, depositions including preparation, case research, analytics, consultation, trial testimony, oral or written reports, preparation of exhibits and demonstrative evidence. All travel time (billed portal to portal), deposition and trial testimony, waiting time for deposition and trial testimony, watching or assisting during the testimony of others, and other related tasks requested by client. Any time related to the case or project which is beyond the scope of an initial telephone interview of the consultant may be considered billable time at our published rates. All fees for out-of-office work are billed portal-to-portal.

VREF Expert Witness Fees

Litigation and Expert Witness support should not be taken lightly. VREF provides superior investigative skills, in-depth knowledge and expertise, myopic focus, and attention to detail. VREF legal experts have seldom lost a case, our industry leading training and experience will provide you the utmost confidence in VREF’s ability to handle all types of legal matters including; deposition and deposition support, consulting witness, and testifying in court. Simply stated, VREF is the most credible source of aircraft valuations. Our appraisers have testified in United States Federal Court, are trusted by numerous Aircraft Manufactures, Banks, and the leading law firms in the United States.

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