Do you one daydream of flying on your private jet? Are you considering the possible purchase but are unsure if planes are safe?

Along with a bunch of other questions first time buyers have, many are afraid to fly in small aircraft. Rest assured, you are not alone, and aviophobia (the fear of flying) affects 6.5% of the total population and 25% of all Americans. 

Is a Private Jet Safe?

Absolutely. Aviation, in general, is very safe, as plane accidents are continuously on the decline.

Plus, knowing the history of your aircraft, who did the maintenance and, more importantly, who your pilots are will not only bring a substantial level of comfort but increase your safety of flight. Knowing and trusting your crew is one massive advantage over flying on an airliner.

What are the Benefits of Using a Private Jet?

Almost too many to count.

For one, you’ll get comfort and luxury that is unmatched. You’ll be able to enjoy legroom and amenities that you don’t get on commercial aircraft — even when you book first class.

You’ll be able to skip TSA lines and airport clutter, and can pull up directly to the jet and fly away in minutes.

Though you don’t have to go through TSA checks, you’ll still need to follow customs procedures when flying internationally. Unlike commercial airplanes travel, you can pretty much do whatever you like.

Should I Charter or Buy?

To buy or not to buy? — That is the question.

Anyone considering living the private jet life will eventually need to decide whether they want to charter or buy.

If you’re going to buy a brand new jet, it can cost you as little as $3 million or as much as $90 million. For used jets, you can find a deal for a lot less. With every budget, there is a perfect aircraft waiting to take you on the trip of a lifetime. However, don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Often cheap, older aircraft have hidden expenses that will drive owners crazy. My advice, contact your accountant and finance manager and determine if borrowing, paying cash, leasing, or chartering makes sense and be aware of those high maintenance costs on aging airframes.

Renting or booking private charter jets offers you more flexibility and is a lot easier on your wallet and obligations.

For a single trip, you might pay about $1,000 per hour for a private charter jet. There are also private jet clubs you can join for between $1,000 and $10,000 per month, depending on the type of membership that you decide you might need. Flying clubs offer many advantages to outright ownership. Keeping your powder dry and flying in newer equipment are just two reasons, but they are big ones.

The way you decide to fly is up to you, but you can find private jet travel for just about any price range.

Live the Jet Life

Is a private jet safe? Are the benefits worth it?

By now, you have the answer to these questions and then some. Now it’s time for you to decide what you want. To do this, you’ll need to begin doing some research into jets and everything that comes with the territory.

If you are interested in private jets, you can move forward with a great foundation, having answered the questions above.

Let us be your go-to source for all things aviation. Take the time to contact us so that you can start living the jet life.