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Whether you’re new to the aviation world or an old-timer that wants to know what the latest airline industry news is, we’ve got a treat for you. In this post, we’re discussing some of the hottest airline industry trends for the coming year. Keep reading to learn more.

What’s Trending in Airline Industry News?

From advances in technologies to improving the passenger experience in the air, airline aviation news never stops. Take a look at these aviation industry trends that are catching the attention of folks all over the world.


Previously, there have been hardly any regulations surrounding drones. This trend is not due to change anytime soon. There may be even more companies obtaining exemptions and waivers from the FAA, which will inevitably launch this section of the industry in its direction.

Growth and Stability

The major takeaway from the current events and trends in airline news is that we are poised for growth and stability. Did you know that both Airbus and Boeing have multi-year backlogs? While we wait to hear the outcome of the 737 Max investigations, airlines still need aircraft, and orders are again coming in.

Space Accommodations and Accompanying Criticisms

In 2018 Congress passed a law that provided authorization for the FAA to establish minimum seat size and legroom requirements. This should result in airlines adding space for passengers who should begin to reduce criticisms and negative feedback. Although the removal of private seatback video screens will likely pick up any slack in the complaints department.

Otherwise, more operations are focusing on ‘on-time’ travel, which will surely be to the delight of frequent flyers.

Ticket Distribution

It’s no big secret that the distribution of airline tickets has taken a turn in the past decade. The noteworthy primary prediction for 2020 is potential mergers with smaller airlines. This shift is likely to increase profitability and build volume for direct connects. We expect a fair amount of blockchain technology to start creeping into airliner operations, from tickets to rewards programs we believe crypto technology will create some fantastic new leaps in customer interactions.

Declining Profitability

Perhaps the biggest story of the latter half of 2019 is the impending recession. This will undoubtedly affect the airline industry, especially in the United States.

One of the key factors to keep an eye on is Amazon’s position in the aviation space. Not only will they have a leg up on deliveries but also customer contact.

Stay Up to Date With Aviation Current Events

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