The pre-owned aircraft market has seen the number of first-time buyers double in the second half of 2020. Whether you’re buying your first aircraft or you have years of experience in the market, you need accurate information to help you make the best purchasing decisions.

VREF has been providing aircraft valuations and appraisals since 1994. VREF is the official valuation guide and appraisal company for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

You can get your VREF online subscription quickly and easily. Find out the type of VREF reports and appraisals that are available online and how these resources can help you buy or sell your next aircraft.

Getting a VREF Online Subscription is Easy

VREF is an impartial aircraft valuation software subscription service. VREF gives you important information if you’re buying or selling an aircraft. With VREF Online software, you can choose from one of three tiers to start valuing aircraft.

VREF Online Valuations are Accurate!

Anyone involved in aircraft transactions can benefit from a subscription to VREF Online. VREF Online is a cloud-based software program that can give you customized market value reports for over 550 aircraft models in real-time. When you input your plane or helicopter’s information, VREF provides you an accurate retail value.

VREF Online gives you performance data, lists of optional equipment, maintenance costs, modifications, and upgrades in addition to customized valuations.

Types of Aircraft VREF Online Covers

VREF Online covers a wide variety of aircraft categories such as:

  • Piston fixed-wing planes and helicopters
  • Turbo-prop fixed-wing planes
  • Turbine fixed-wing planes and helicopters
  • Business jets
  • Commercial narrow body
  • We’ll soon be adding drones (UAVs) to our database.

VREF Online Subscriptions

You can choose from several subscription packages. Each subscription tier gives you many benefits, including full access to the entire database and the ability to create unlimited valuations.

A Tier 2 subscription gives you additional services like custom indexes for your portfolio or fleet. A Tier 3 subscription gives you an ad-free experience. You also get features like future residual values and scrap value.

In all three tiers, you can add subscribers to your VREF Online account.

Your VREF Online subscription renews yearly. You can pay in convenient monthly installments or get a discount by paying for the entire year.

Subscribing to VREF Online is fast and easy. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to get the aircraft valuations you need online.

VREF Verified Value Report

A VREF Verified Value report is like a Carfax report for a vehicle. It’s an on-demand evaluation of value as well as a background check. A VREF Verified Value report gives consumers and aviation professionals accurate information about an aircraft they’re considering buying.

Your Verified Value report may include information such as:

  • Accident and damage history
  • Market demand rating
  • The retail and wholesale value
  • Ownership history
  • Chain of title
  • Performance specifications
  • Maintenance or operational costs
  • Airworthiness directive and service bulletin status

Each VREF Verified Value report is fully customized. An Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) creates your report so that you can have confidence in its accuracy.

You can get a Verified Value report on any aircraft. VREF has an extensive database that includes the largest historical database in the industry.

A VREF Verified Value report makes you a more informed consumer if you’re planning to buy an aircraft. You can negotiate the sale more confidently when you know the value and history of the aircraft. If you’re selling your aircraft, you can use a Verified Value report to demonstrate the aircraft’s quality and value to potential buyers.

VREF Residual Value Report

A Residual Value report tells you the future fair market value for an aircraft. VREF reports include a 15-year forecast. A VREF Residual Value report lets you see an aircraft’s potential financial performance you’re considering buying.

The report is customized based on the aircraft serial number and equipment list. You can get a VREF Residual Value report for any aircraft, including helicopters and drones. VREF has a comprehensive database that allows you to request a report on any individual aircraft.

Desktop Appraisal

VREF appraisals determine an aircraft’s current market value and/or forecast residual value. Our appraisers are accredited, professionals. Appraisals are compliant with the standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Factors a Desktop Appraisal Includes
A desktop appraisal doesn’t require an inspection or on-site audit of the aircraft. It considers the aircraft’s maintenance status based on information that the client or a third party provides.

The aircraft value you get from a desktop appraisal includes adjustments from the mid-time, mid-life baseline. This takes the aircraft’s current maintenance status into account.

A desktop appraisal also considers market data. It looks at what is on the market, average days on the market, and how it has been trending.

Aircraft a Desktop Appraisal Can Evaluate

You can get an appraisal for a variety of aircraft, including:

  • Commercial jets
  • Regional/commuter jets
  • Executive and business aircraft
  • Turbine and piston helicopters
  • Antique or museum aircraft
  • Drones (UAVs)
  • Fixed base equipment
  • Parts inventory

You can have confidence that you’re getting an objective, independent appraisal. Appraisers have demonstrated competency in aircraft appraisal.

How to Use Your Online VREF

A VREF report, Verified Value report, Residual Value report, and desktop appraisal are all parts of your complete strategy when you’re considering which aircraft to buy. Combining these resources with a pre-buy inspection and a test flight will help you make the best decision.

Also, keep in mind that the book value gives you a place to start your purchase negotiations. The price that the buyer and seller agree on becomes the value of the aircraft.

Getting a VREF online makes you a more informed consumer. You’re in a stronger negotiating position and are more likely to get a fair price for the aircraft you want.

Check out the full range of VREF reports available online. Get in touch if you have questions or would like more information. We look forward to helping you succeed in your next aircraft transaction.