Whether you’re buying or selling a plane, one of the most important aspects to know is the airplane’s value.

You won’t truly know what a plane is worth and could end up with a major loss. As a buyer or a seller, you must be looking out for your best interests as a broker will not. That is why you need to hire an aircraft appraiser who has no bias, no ownership, and no financial gain from the sale of one aircraft versus another. In other words, we look out for your best interest only.

When it comes to airplane value, we not only take the guesswork, we make the process pain free.

Are you interested in learning how to determine aircraft value properly? If so, we’ll help you understand it all in this blog post.

How Do You Determine Airplane Value?

To get an accurate value of what your airplane is worth, you have choices. When you hire VREF, you have three options: you can buy access to our software, hire us to complete the Verified Report valuation, or hire us to do the appraisal.

In these reports, you get accurate information on the plane, its history, and of course, what it’s worth. This is a valuable tool for both buyers and sellers to make an informed decision on the sale.

The report is conducted by an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) who knows how to appraise planes. Is your aircraft appraiser insured? You might want to ask!

Why Are Appraisals and Aircraft Values Important to Buyers?

As a seller, value helps you understand where your asset should be priced on the open market.

For buyers, value helps you understand your total financial outlay, including financing, down payments, and future residual values.

Before buying a plane, have a trusted third party like VREF provide the appraised Fair Market Value and know it’s accurate.

What’s Your Airplane Value?

By having your plane appraised, you’re armed with all the information that you need to achieve successful financing, and more importantly, protecting your hard-earned money from a potential loss.

Here at VREF, we’re proud to offer appraisal and value report services.

For finding your airplane value, there’s no better choice than us.

Are you interested in finding your airplane’s value? If so, have a look at our appraisal services today! If you need an appraisal, ask for Jason Zilberbrand, ASA when you call!