3 04, 2023

How Long Does An Aircraft Appraisal Take?

By |2023-04-03T16:06:06-05:00April 3rd, 2023|Appraisals|

If you own an aircraft but don’t yet have a professional appraisal, you may want to know…How long does an aircraft appraisal take? If you’ve ever had an appraisal for your home, boat, or similar assets, their processes might still be unclear to you. This can make it even tougher to determine how it varies for aircraft. Most importantly, you want to be sure it won’t take too much time and effort on your part. After all, it [...]

13 09, 2022

What’s The Difference Between An Aircraft Factory Rebuild & Engine Overhaul?

By |2023-01-22T13:12:14-06:00September 13th, 2022|Appraisals|

It's one of the most frequently asked questions my office receives daily, and it's a topic that will only generate more confusion as technology and 100LL regulations change; so what is the difference between a factory rebuild, a factory overhaul, and a field overhauled engine? More importantly, how does it affect the value of my aircraft? And is opting for a factory new engine worth the extra money? As labor rates continue to climb, combined with inflation at [...]

18 07, 2022

Top Factors Affecting Business Jet Values In 2022

By |2023-01-22T12:35:58-06:00July 18th, 2022|Appraisals|

Things are slowing down, from homes to cars. If you read my market newsletter for the 2nd quarter of 2022, this should be no surprise as VREF forecasted a stall out and summer slowdown, but even as the market takes a few weeks off to enjoy the dog days of summer, does that mean values are dropping? Not a chance, and while inventory continues to climb on the pre-owned side of the market, not much else has changed. [...]

11 07, 2022

Top 4 Reasons To Hire An Aircraft Appraiser

By |2023-01-22T12:24:18-06:00July 11th, 2022|Appraisals|

Hiring an appraiser can be a daunting experience, and finding someone with the proper expertise and knowledge to appraise your aircraft can be difficult. Most aircraft owners' first experience with an aircraft appraiser is at the time of purchasing, assuming financing was required. Did you know that there are many reasons why you need your aircraft appraised beyond financing? I am often asked what the reasons are to hire an appraiser, what differentiates one appraiser from another, and, [...]

6 06, 2022

Top 3 Avionics Modifications For Increasing Piston Aircraft Value

By |2023-01-22T12:17:20-06:00June 6th, 2022|Appraisals|

We’ve discussed before why aircraft are generally not good assets. For the most part, aircraft are depreciating assets, and you can do much better from an investment perspective. When it comes to upgrading your aircraft, my advice is always the same: avoid the temptation to refurbish an aircraft for resale purposes. Nine times out of 10, you will do better selling the aircraft "as is" and allow the next owner to upgrade the equipment based on mission, and [...]

4 03, 2022

What The Booming Private Jet Travel Industry Means For Valuation

By |2023-01-21T16:15:01-06:00March 4th, 2022|Appraisals|

Private aircraft are in short supply due to the current frenzied market being driven by travel demand that has been seen at these levels in years. This is excellent news for sellers and manufacturers as customers place themselves on endless waitlists to get charter, hourly cards, new aircraft, as well as facilities to complete pre-buy inspections for pre-owned aircraft transactions. But with labor and parts shortages, continued demand for training aircraft, and limited quality aircraft supply available, buyers [...]

21 01, 2022

How To Add Value To An Aging Business Jet

By |2023-01-22T12:54:43-06:00January 21st, 2022|Appraisals|

Business jets are expensive, complex pieces of machinery owned by the most powerful companies and the wealthiest people in the world. Most of us can only dream of owning a modern jet capable of reaching the far corners of the world and taking us there in luxury. The private aircraft industry is estimated to be a $24.21 billion business. This number comes even after the pandemic's effects on the aviation market, which resulted in just about all manufacturing [...]

2 01, 2022

Top 10 Appreciating Aircraft

By |2023-01-21T15:38:26-06:00January 2nd, 2022|Appraisals|

Buying new is a huge undertaking both financially and time as you probably wait for your new aircraft to be built, and you may question whether you're making the right choice. It all depends on your budget and your mission profile. It sounds harsh, but it's essential to let go of the opinions and unsolicited advice to decide what you want versus what you need while staying within your budget. Naturally, people want to help when you're making [...]

31 12, 2021

Do Airplanes Appreciate In Value?

By |2023-02-12T02:33:17-06:00December 31st, 2021|Appraisals|

Yes, some airplanes appreciate over time, but not all aircraft can guarantee your investment. Many factors dictate how much an aircraft appreciates over the years. Most aircraft will require diligent maintenance and care. However, there are other characteristics to be aware of as you gear up to sell your aircraft. On the other end, if you're on the hunt for an aircraft, it's equally critical that you look out for certain red flags before making a purchase. This [...]

8 07, 2021

Use An ASA Accredited Appraiser | Aircraft Appraisers | Aviation Appraisals

By |2023-01-20T17:08:46-06:00July 8th, 2021|Appraisals|

Are you considering the use of an appraiser for your potential aircraft purchase? Or maybe you require a current fair market value of your aircraft for insurance or estate planning purposes. First, let’s start with one shocking fact. When it comes to personal property, almost anyone can call themselves an appraiser. And this is because there is no license to obtain, nor is one required for personal property appraisers in the U.S. There is also no such thing [...]

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