If you’re wondering how much a new car is, you can drive by a local dealership and look at the big numbers on their cars’ windshields to find the answer. Or, even more efficiently, you can hop on one of the famous car appraisal sites designed to answer just this question for you.

If your question is “how much is a helicopter?”, the options for finding a trusted resource are more limited. If you’re in the market for a personal helicopter but aren’t quite sure what your price range should be, this list should help. Here you’ll see a variety of prices–low to high–to guide your buying choice.

1. Mosquito Air

The lowest of the low, the Mosquito Air, is a small, ultralight, single-seat personal helicopter. Open and unencapsulated, it is not meant for comfort or long distances. It is, however, intended for a budget, with prices starting from $37,500.

2. Mosquito XE/XET Models

Also, from Mosquito Air comes the slightly higher-priced XE and XET series. These make up the low end of the personal helicopters with a cockpit. Also, single-seaters, the price for one of these will range from $44,700-$65,200 depending on options (such as amphibious landing capabilities).

3. Robinson R22

Coming in at the low end of luxury helicopters is the Robinson R22. This is a lightweight–weighing only 1370 lb, two-seater craft with a maximum range of 250 nautical miles (approx. 290 standard miles). Powered by a 131 horsepower four-cylinder engine, this craft is extremely economical.

The cost for one of these starts at around $300,000.

4. Robinson R66

Now we get into the compact 4-seater personal helicopters with the Robinson R66. Popular as a news and police helicopter, the Robinson R66 is powered by a high-quality Rolls Royce turbine engine, producing up to 270 hp at takeoff.

The price for the standard version of one of these compact 4-seater crafts starts around $900,000.

5. Bell 505 Jet Ranger

The Bell 505 Jet Ranger is an ultramodern, super slick 5-seater aircraft. Although this luxury helicopter is more spacious and more powerful (equipped with a 505 shaft hp Turbomeca Arrius 2R engine) than the ones above, it doesn’t sacrifice the economy. This is still a super lightweight craft, coming in at a weight of just 2180 lb.

This spacious, luxurious, and economical craft comes in at around $1,400,000.

6. Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz EC145

Long known for providing luxurious driving experiences on the ground, Mercedes-Benz is today doing the very same in the air.

Kicking off the super luxurious helicopters portion of this post is the Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz EC145. Designed for executive-class business and VIP private travel, the interior of this craft is highly customizable. Interior furnishing can be rearranged to accommodate four to eight people.

This four-bladed, rotor-powered aircraft takes our price range up a notch, coming in at around $5,500,000-$7,000,000, depending on options.

7. AgustaWestland AW101

Finishing off our list is the super luxurious AgustaWestland AW101.

Built with twin turbine engines and capable of traveling about 930 miles, this craft can genuinely take you the distance.

Not just you, though, as the AgustaWestland AW101 has an interior comparable to that of a private jet and can carry 25 passengers, plus two pilots.

If you’re thinking about purchasing this Ferrari of an aircraft, you’ll need to be able to put up at least $21,000,000.

So, How Much Is a Helicopter?

Well, as with most major purchases, there are a variety of factors that determine a helicopter price. Of course, to find lower costs, you could always look at a used helicopter for sale.

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