The gorgeous Gulfstream G650 is, put simply, not a small-fry jet. Even pre-owned G650s regularly sell for northwards of $50 million, whilst a new one will set you back $60 million at least.

Gulfstream jets are icons are luxury living and the G650 is one of the most stylish and fine-tuned products on offer. The initial 3-year waiting list that accompanied the launch of this gulf-stream jet a few years back has died down somewhat, but demand is still high.

Therefore, you need to know that you’re getting the best deal available and that the G650 is actually the right plane for you. Here’s your complete buyer’s guide for Gulfstream jets.

G650 Gulfstream Jets: The Main Selling Points

When browsing Gulfstream jets for sale, it’s important to know what the specs are and if it’s right for you. The G650 remains popular among a diverse range of travelers for a number of reasons.

For one, it is significantly lighter than competitor models, coming in at just shy of 100,000lbs. This appeals to business travelers and those valuing discretion as it allows passengers to land at smaller, less-crowded airports, avoiding the likes of JFK and Heathrow.

G650s can hold up to 19 passengers, placing it on the smaller side, whilst having a very respectable ceiling of 51,000ft. It’s a sleek, speedy, and customizable jets with an appeal for the frequent business traveler more than anyone else.

How Are You Going to Use Your Private Jet?

Gulfstream private jets come in all shapes and sizes and are used variably by businesspeople, leisure travelers, the military, and private companies.

How you plan to use your jet will be strongly linked to how much you end up spending on it, so you need to have a strong idea of how it’s going to be used.

Gulfstream business jets tend to be more functional than lavish, so bear this in mind if you’re considering a G650. 90% of private jets are used for business, which explains why the G650 is so popular.

Consider how often you’ll be using it if you’ll be entertaining on it, and where you’ll most likely be flying to.

Know What You Should Be Paying

If you’re looking for used Gulfstream jets, know that you should get a significantly lower price. Even though new G650s have a price tag of $60 million, this is just the list price, which almost no-one actually pays.

The same applies if you’re buying a used jet – it may have a price tag of $50 million, but you should know that the seller is not actually expecting to get this price tag.

Do your research and determine how much people are actually paying for your desired jet. Remember that a G650 is far from the top-tier jet on the market right now, so don’t expect to pay top dollar.

Factor in Extra Costs

Once you’ve bought yourself a private jet, that’s only the beginning. Management fees cost anything between $3000 and $5000 a month, excluding pilot salaries.

You’ll also need to factor in any interior design or upgrades you want, but bear in mind that some sellers will throw in free upgrades if they think it’ll sweeten the deal.

It’s a small industry, so ask around for tips on which management companies are best.

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Gulfstream jets are both crucial business investments and an important status symbol. To make sure you’re paying the right price every time, order a VREF subscription today, to stay up-to-date on all of the latest developments within the industry.