If you’re looking to buy a jet in 2020, and luxurious interiors are important to you, we can help with our guide to our favorite luxury jet interiors list. No matter what your personal taste and style are, there is something for everyone with these impressive interiors.

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1. Sky Yacht One

The ideal pick for any nautical lover, this Embraer Lineage 1000E jet, is something truly unique and extraordinary. The interior is warm and homey, acting as the ultimate man cave with its mahogany details. Complete with five cabin zones, this jet has a lot to offer.

The design is by Eddie Soto, who decorated the jet using inspiration from Thunderboat, a 1939 motor yacht. The brass details are reminiscent of a yacht, with an old man and the sea vibe that is elevated with luxury details. Complete with sleeping quarters, you will never want to leave this 10,000 square foot jet, which is a good thing since it can travel 4500 nautical miles.

2. AirJet Boeing 777

For someone who wants a more modern interior, AirJet Boeing 777 has it all. This is a great option for someone who plans to host friends and clients, as there are multiple bars and even a poker table. This jet is perfect for someone who loves a party.

This jet is like your favorite club or bar, with booth seating areas great for conversating complete with surrounding tables with built-in bottle holders. The lighting is impressive on this jet, perfect for nighttime ambiance. Multiple televisions are included for additional entertainment.

3. Mercedes-Benz Style VIP Jet

This sleek jet is the way to truly travel in style. Almost futuristically styled, this modern jet is polished and cool and yet still captures that ’80’s iconic design of Mercedes Benz. Brown and white interiors have been replaced with modern, masculine grey and black panels that appear to float in front of the window due to discreet light coronas.

Additionally, Mercedes-Benz’s Magic Sky technology allows the panels to be dimmed electrically from black to transparent. Displays and touch screens are also easily integrated into the black panels located throughout the aircraft.

4. Edése Doret Boeing 787 Dreamliner VIP

The open quality of this jet is jaw-dropping, with high ceilings, and minimal features, this jet just feels grand. The interiors are all nuetral, for a calming sense of luxury that you can’t beat.

Green living walls made with plants act as a contrast to the white and light wood surroundings. This is a great option for anyone who loves calming surroundings that are still polished and impressive.


The interior of this jet is unique, with curved elements that truly flow in this space. Designed with Feng Shui in mind, this jet is quite the experience.

The nuetral surroundings are complete with natural braided wood details and room dividers. The cement colored walls are textured and reminiscent of the natural world. This is a great option for anyone who wants an interior that wows.

The Best of Luxury Jet Interiors

Use these luxury jet interiors as inspiration when looking for your ideal jet. Whether your looking for a specific theme, or are hoping for a modern setting to host clients, there is something for everyone with these awesome picks.

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