21 01, 2020

Always Listening: 4 Facts You Never Knew About the Black Box

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Boeing has been at the forefront of the media for most of the past year, and with 207 airplane crashes in 2019 and the numerous issues with the 737 Max, we often get asked what a black box is? Aircraft are by far the safest way to travel, but accidents happen, and when they do, it is the FAA's job to determine what happened so that it can be prevented from occurring again. In the event of an accident, [...]

21 01, 2020

Who Needs A Captain: 5 Celebrities Who are Also Pilots

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If you think piloting attracts a specific personality type, think again. The love of flight draws a diverse demographic from old to young, rich to poor, and even many celebrities. It may surprise you to learn which of your favorite on-screen actors are also real-life pilots.  1. Morgan Freeman This 82-year-old actor is famous for his deep, likable voice and his endless silver-screen appearances. But before he became Lucius Fox or the "voice" of God, Morgan Freeman worked as an [...]

21 01, 2020

What is Fractional Jet Ownership? A Definitive Guide To Everything You Need to Know

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It's no secret that private jet ownership is one of the most significant transportation expenses you'll incur. Thankfully, you don't have to be a billionaire to have your jet at your disposal when you need to head off on an unplanned business trip. If you're not sure whether a private jet is an expense you're ready to take on, then fractional jet ownership is a popular option. Not familiar with fractional jet ownership or how it works? Read [...]

10 01, 2020

Out With The Old, In With The New: 5 Big Tips For Selling Your Jet Before Buying A New One

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The United States has more General Aviation aircraft than any other country at just over 230,000, and this does not include commercial, military, or private jets. The convenience, opulence, and privacy of personal aircraft make them a popular choice for busy professionals. Yet jets are changing all the time. They are getting faster, more efficient, and more technologically advanced all the time. If you are looking to upgrade, you may consider selling your jet to a qualified buyer. Are [...]

2 01, 2020

5 Tips For Buying Antique Airplanes

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We'd all love to have a vintage aircraft collection. If you're a fan of aviation, then you're a fan of the history of human engineering as well. The farther back you go with airplanes, the more you'll learn about the ingenuity that was required to build them. There is something that attracts passionate aviators to historical aircraft, and if you have recently caught the bug, then keep reading. Learning about antique airplanes is one thing, but owning an [...]

23 12, 2019

4 Things You Should Know If You Dream of Buying a Fighter Jet

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There are around 1,000 private owned classic military jets in the United States and even more throughout the rest of the world. There are more and more people looking into buying a fighter jet of their very own. While most of us will never have enough money to make this a reality, it is possible.  As new models of fighter jets are released, the older ones get decommissioned, allowing them to be sold off to the general public. [...]

23 12, 2019

Flying High Class: 5 of the Most Expensive Aircraft In the World

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Are you flying high again? No, we’re not talking about Ozzy Osbourne’s 1981 hit. Today, we are going to look at the world’s most expensive aircraft. We’re talking about genuinely amazing airplanes that push aviation to higher heights and, of course, come with ludicrous price tags. After reading this article, you might think twice before bragging about flying first class on Spirit Airlines (if that is even a thing). Check out this list of the five airplanes with [...]

16 12, 2019

The Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket

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The Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket was a one-off prototype built for the US Navy with an unusual configuration. The wing’s leading edge extended forward of the fuselage nose giving it a distinctive look. It was the first twin-engine fighter intended for carrier use. The story of the Skyrocket began in 1935 when the US Navy Bureau of Aeronautics (BuAer) first contemplated a twin-engine carrier fighter. By 1937, they didn’t believe that single-engine airplanes would not be much faster than [...]

13 12, 2019

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Plane

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So you want to purchase a private plane? Did you recently catch the flying bug? If the answer is yes, then read on. There are a lot of reasons to purchase a plane, but there is also a lot that goes into buying a plane. We want to teach you about some common mistakes the first time, and even seasoned aircraft owners make. Read on to learn about seven common mistakes and how to avoid them when buying [...]

4 12, 2019

A Beginner Buyer’s Guide to Aircraft Auctions

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If you want to be an antique aircraft collector, you're going to have to spend a fair bit of time at auctions or reviewing the sales from them. Whether you're in the market for an antique aircraft to add to your collection or even build the supply of some parts, the auction is a positive place for aviation enthusiasts. For beginners, the auction can be equal parts confusing and intimidating. In this post, we're going to give you [...]