2 04, 2019

What to Consider When Shopping for Your Corporate Private Plane

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There are many markers of success in business. From a killer initial public offering to spending years in the black, success is hard to come by and so rewarding when you find it. One thing that demonstrates your company is doing well is your own private plane. A company plane is no small investment. You want to make sure, when you buy it, that you pick the best one possible. If you're new to the plane-buying game, then you [...]

2 04, 2019

4 Aircraft Maintenance Tips to Boost Your Helicopter ValueHow to take care of your jet or helicopter greatly affects its resale value. Here are essential aircraft maintenance tips to help you keep everything in check.

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For some, owning a helicopter is simply a source of high-flying excitement and entertainment. Others purchase a helicopter as an investment that they can sell to make money down the road. And, of course, there are those that hope their helicopter hobby will produce a profit, as well as some fun memories while they wait to cash in on their wings. But, whether you're hoping for good times or a good return, your helicopter is bound to give [...]

1 04, 2019

5 Crucial Factors That Affect Private Jet Prices

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There's a multitude of reasons as to why someone would want to buy a private plane. If you're looking into purchasing a private jet for yourself, you may be curious what to look out for when browsing for the right plane. There are quite a few things that determine private jet prices, but we've outlined the five things we believe are the most important. In this article, we'll discuss those five things, so you'll know exactly what to [...]

28 03, 2019


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The Garmin G3X Touch has been approved for more then 500 aircraft as it continues to grow in popularity, being first introduced to general aviation in 2014, it offers several panel configurations, and it includes wireless connectivity and synthetic vision, as well as optional display redundancy, advanced autopilot compatibility, and engine monitoring. Garmin also announced the new GNX 375 color touch-screen GPS navigators, enabling localizer performance with vertical guidance (LPV) and other Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) GPS-enabled [...]

8 03, 2019

VREF Aircraft Reference Value & Appraisal Services Announces a New Offices in Europe

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VREF Aircraft Reference Value & Appraisal Services, the leading provider of aircraft valuations for the aviation industry continues its 25th Anniversary celebration by announcing a new office location in Austria and Switzerland. Dr. Andreas G. Grassl, was appointed as the VREF Senior Appraiser for Europe. Dr. Grassl brings over 30 years of Aviation experience to VREF as a practicing Aviation Attorney with a diverse background in law. Dr. Grassl holds a law degree from Vienna University and a master’s in finance [...]

8 03, 2019

VREF and AIC Title Service Announce Partnership

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MEDIA RELEASE March 2019 VREF Aircraft Reference Value & Appraisal Services, the leading provider of aircraft valuations for the aviation industry continues its 25thAnniversary celebration by announcing a new strategic partnership with AIC Title Service. VREF and AIC are excited to be offering a collaborative report to the Aviation Industry. VREF Verified Reports are known as the “CarFax” of aviation and they provide buyers and sellers of aircraft with a comprehensive report that features critical information on the [...]

8 03, 2019

VREF Market Leader Newsletter February 2019

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We hope everyone had a Happy Holiday Season and enjoyed some time off with friends and family. 2018 was a welcomed change to the market environment from years past, we witnessed inventory levels drop to 10-year lows, as well as a significant uptick in new aircraft orders. Business aircraft finally welcomed the long overdue positive correction into a seller’s market. For the manufacturers of business aircraft, there were just over 200 new orders,but the shining star was Textron [...]

18 02, 2019

Your Business is Clear for Takeoff: How to Start a Private Jet Charter Business

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Struggling to get your jet business off the ground? The jet charter industry pulls in $25 billion a year in the US. If you want to use your aviation knowledge or your capital to get in on that action, then you'll need to start a private jet charter business. But that's not exactly an everyday activity, so you'll want some pointers. Below, we're taking a look at how to get your private jet charter business to take off. Figure Out [...]

18 02, 2019

Arriving in Style: The 4 Best Private Airports in the United States

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If you own or operate a private jet, you have tons of airports to choose from for takeoff and landing. In fact, there are over 4,000 airports that accept private jets in the U.S alone. But with so many options, it may be difficult to select the right one for you. So, which private jet airports are the best? And what makes some private airports better than others? Keep reading to find out. We'll review the top four best private [...]