30 09, 2020

Top 7 Factors Affecting The Value of Used Aircraft!

By |2023-01-17T14:22:48-06:00September 30th, 2020|Appraisals|

Have you ever wondered what an appraiser is looking at to determine value? This article will provide you some insight into what an appraiser is thinking and what information is critical to assessing the value of an aircraft and why! Appraising and learning how to appraise is an exciting topic and one that I get asked about often. Some people are intrigued by appraising and want to know what it takes to become one, and others want [...]

30 09, 2020

Buying an Ultralight Aircraft? 3 Things You Need to Know

By |2023-01-17T14:17:05-06:00September 30th, 2020|Educational|

Are you looking for a new hobby? If you're thinking of getting into aviation, an ultralight is an affordable and fun way to get involved. Most don't require a pilot's license, and they come in kits with directions to put it together yourself. Most buyers build them in a dedicated garage or other space. While there are many operating regulations you must adhere to, flying one is much easier and obtainable then you think. As you look [...]

28 09, 2020

Flying High: Why Private Jets Are Soaring Through the Pandemic

By |2023-01-17T14:06:12-06:00September 28th, 2020|Appraisals|

The corporate aviation industry generates $150 billion every year. The pandemic-based travel caused financial chaos to every airliner globally, but unlike previous recessions, the private plane is no longer frowned upon by the general public. Private jets swooped in to save the day, providing a safer way to travel. There are few, if any, ways to protect yourself from the virus once you arrive at a commercial airport. You will be subjected to checking your baggage, standing [...]

23 09, 2020

5 Tips to Get the Best Aircraft Purchase Experience Possible

By |2023-01-17T13:56:00-06:00September 23rd, 2020|Appraisals|

Private aircraft are one of the most expensive assets available to most consumers, with new private jets costing in the $3 million to $90 million range. If you are considering a purchase, then you might have already guessed - pulling the trigger on a private jet purchase is an overwhelming and often confusing experience. Buying a private plane, whether its a twin-engine Cessna or a custom Bombardier Global 6000, is complex, and the purchase process is as [...]

23 09, 2020

11 Amazing Advantages of Buying a Private Plane

By |2023-01-17T13:47:20-06:00September 23rd, 2020|Educational|

Flying is a fantastic way to travel, but making your way through the airport can be a nightmare. Just picture it- all that time spent checking in your luggage, getting through security, and spending a ridiculous amount of time just waiting to board your plane. Worse yet, you end up late and miss your flight completely! How can you get around the struggles of being in an airport with the benefits of flying? By buying a private [...]

23 09, 2020

It’s a Buyer’s Market: Top Reasons Why Now Is a Good Time to Buy a Business Jet

By |2023-01-17T13:42:26-06:00September 23rd, 2020|Appraisals|

Less than half of business executives in a recent survey expect the global growth rate to increase over the next six months. The current global economic downturn has caused many executives to take a cautious approach to their business. They're looking for ways to cut expenses and just stay the course. However, periods of slow economic activity hold opportunities if you know where to look. Now is a good time to buy a business jet. A buyers' [...]

22 09, 2020

How Much Does a Private Jet Cost to Buy? (Spoiler Alert: It’s Cheaper Than You Think!)

By |2023-01-17T13:35:24-06:00September 22nd, 2020|Appraisals|

How much does a private jet cost to buy? Let's face it. Flying commercially, even if you're flying first class, sucks. If only we could all be Tony Stark, flying whenever we want - sipping brandy while we watch the clouds roll by. But wait, what if we could all be Tony Stark? The cost of private jets has been more affordable, and there are options you can choose to lower the overall price. So, let's go [...]

22 09, 2020

Looking Ahead: What’s in Store for the Aviation Industry?

By |2023-01-17T13:11:50-06:00September 22nd, 2020|Educational|

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched virtually every industry on the face of the planet in one way or another. A few industries benefitted, such as delivery services and medical supply companies, but most suffered. The aviation industry is firmly in the latter category. Of course, the aviation industry today is a complicated beast that encompasses airlines, business aircraft, general aviation, manufacturing, and charter services. So, even if the industry suffers as a whole, it doesn't mean all [...]

16 09, 2020

How Has Private Air Charter Service Changed During the Pandemic?

By |2023-01-17T13:03:54-06:00September 16th, 2020|Appraisals|

When is the last time you stepped foot in a commercial airport? It seems like ages ago, and for most of us, we can't wait until its 2021. In the event you do need to travel, there are options, and you can avoid the commercial airlines until they are safe again. Keep reading to learn more about chartering an aircraft. In the current realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, It might feel like your only options are to [...]

15 09, 2020

Aviation for Sale: 6 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Plane

By |2023-01-17T12:54:48-06:00September 15th, 2020|Appraisals|

There is a long list of advantages to owning your airplane. Some are easily quantifiable, like how much faster it is to travel to certain places or the fact that private planes are safer than traveling by car. Other advantages of owning a private plane are harder to describe. The incredible experience of flight and of taking the pilot's controls. The visits you can make to friends and the people you can take with you on your [...]

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