Anticipating expected aircraft deliveries in 2024? You’re not the only one.

According to Honeywell’s Global Business Aviation Outlook, about 8,500 new business jets are expected to be delivered from 2024 to 2033. And, in case you were wondering, the cost of those jets totals close to $278 billion.

Learn more about what’s expected to hit the aviation market in 2024.

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5 Fast Facts About Aviation In 2024

Why are aircraft manufacturers rushing to meet demand? Because the demand for business jets is not going anywhere. Here are 5 things you should know about business jet demands in aviation according to Honeywell’s 32nd Annual Global Business Aviation Outlook:

  1. New users have increased demand by 500 aircraft
  2. New users will account for 6% more flights over the next 10 years
  3. 2024 new business jet deliveries are expected to be 10% higher than in 2023
  4. Turbofan deliveries are expected to increase by double-digits throughout the next year
  5. Aviation manufacturer Textron is expected to account for 25% of aircraft deliveries

7 Expected Aircraft Deliveries In 2024

Gulfstream G400

Coming out of Gulfstream’s series of luxury business jets is their G400, which can seat up to 12 passengers. Known for its large cabins, this particular aircraft has the largest cabin in its class with 1,441 cubic feet of space. There are also 2.5 living areas possible when seating is adjusted to include the use of a couch configuration. The Gulfstream G400 has a starting price of $34.5 million.

2023 Gulfstream 400 Specifications

  • Maximum Range: 7,778 km
  • High-Speed Cruise: Mach 0.88
  • Long-Range Cruise: Mach 0.85
  • Maximum Operating Mach Number (MMO): Mach 0.90
  • Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW): 1,524 m
  • Initial Cruise Altitude: 12,497 m
  • Maximum Cruise Altitude: 15,545 m

Gulfstream G800

Also from Gulfstream is their G800 – combining speed and maximum capacity into one aircraft. Ideal for nonstop or long-distance flights, the G800 seats up to 19 passengers. Additionally, this aircraft sleeps up to 7 with 4 possible living areas. The Gulfstream G800 has a starting price of $72.5 million.

2023 Gulfstream 800 Specifications

  • Maximum Range: 14,816 km
  • High-Speed Cruise: Mach 0.90
  • Long-Range Cruise: Mach 0.85
  • Maximum Operating Mach Number (MMO): Mach 0.925
  • Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW): 1,829 m
  • Initial Cruise Altitude: 12,497 m
  • Maximum Cruise Altitude: 15,545 m

Both Gulfstream’s G400 and G800 models have a plasma-ionization clean air system that replenishes every 2-3 minutes. They also both use Gulfstream’s advanced Symmetry Flight Deck system.

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Falcon 10X

No stranger to large-capacity flights, Falcon’s 10X seats up to 19 passengers with about 2,780 square feet of space. This private aircraft offers flexible configurations to create a private stateroom or master suite with a standing shower. You can also adjust seating to extend the dining, conference, and entertainment areas. The Falcon 10X is part of Falcon’s Rolls-Royce Pearl® series with a base price of $75 million.

2023 Falcon 10X Specifications

Range (8 pax, NBAA IFR Reserves): 7,500 nm
High-Speed Cruise: Mach 0.88
Long-Range Cruise: Mach 0.85
Maximum Operating Mach Number (MMO): Mach 0.925
Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW): 1,524 m
Initial Cruise Altitude: 12,497 m
Maximum Cruise Altitude: 15,545 m

Citation Ascend

Launching from Cessna Aircraft and Textron’s line of aircraft is Cessna’s Citation Ascend. Cessna expects its latest aircraft to be an efficient, productive, and luxurious business jet with modern features. The Ascend offers the most up-to-date Garmin G5000 avionics, an increased payload, and FADEC-controlled engines. The base price for Cessna’s Citation Ascend is $16.725 million.

2023 Ascend Specifications

Maximum Cruise Speed: 441 ktas
4 Passenger Range: 1,900 nm
Takeoff Field Length: 3,660 ft.
Landing Distance: 3,220 ft.
Maximum Operating Altitude: 45,000 ft.
Time to Climb (Direct): FL450 in 30 min
Maximum Limit Speed: 0.75 Mach
We’re about halfway through our list of the most popular expected aircraft deliveries & related updates in 2024, but the data doesn’t have to stop here…

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Cirrus Vision Jet

Home to its unique Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®) and Safe Return™ emergency autoland, Cirrus Aircraft is taking orders for its customizable Vision Jet. This aircraft is known for being the best-selling turbine jet on the market with an adjustable cabin that seats up to 7 passengers. Avionics for Vision Jet include Generation 2 Vision Jet, Perspective Touch+TM by Garmin®. Cirrus’s Vision Jet has a base price of about $3 million.

2023 Vision Jet Specifications

  • Takeoff: 2,036 ft.
  • Takeoff (Over 50 ft. Obstacle): 3,192 ft.
  • Climb Rate: 1,609 ft./min.
  • Max Operating Altitude: 31,000 ft.
  • Stall Speed with Flaps: 67 knots
  • Max Cruise Speed: 311 ktas
  • Landing Ground Roll: 1,628 ft.

Embraer’s Phenom 300

Embraer welcomes a new addition to its best-selling light jet series for the fastest and longest-ranged single-pilot jet in production – the Phenom 300. The latest Phenom from Brazilian manufacturer, Embraer, features ultra-fast speeds up to Mach 0.80 and updated Prodigy Touch® avionics. New Phenom 300 owners can customize various interior qualities including its leather upholstery and stitching, detailed accents, and beyond. The base price for Embraer’s newest Phenom 300 is $11.5 million.

2023 Phenom 300 Specifications

  • NBAA 4 Pax IFR Range: 1,971 nm
  • High-Speed Cruise: 453 ktas
  • Long-Range Cruise: 383 ktas
  • Maximum Operating Mach Number (MMO): Mach 0.80
  • Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW): 3,138 ft

Pilatus PC-12 NGX

After reaching their 2,000th PC-12 aircraft delivery earlier this fall, Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft adds its newest PC-12 NGX to its “World’s Greatest Single” series. Features include WiFi, entertainment, and other technological connections. Designed with BMW Designworks, the PC-12 NGX’s seating features European leather with custom hand-stitching and full-recline capabilities. The base price for this aircraft is about $6.5 million.

2023 Pilatus PC-12 Specifications

  • Max Cruise Speed: 290 ktas
  • Max Range 4 Pax: 1,803 nm
  • Max Altitude: 30,000 ft.
  • Take-Off Distance (Over 50 ft. Obstacle): 2,485 ft.
  • Landing Distance (Over 50 ft. Obstacle): 2,170 ft.
  • Max Rate of Climb: 1,920 ft./min.
  • Time to Climb Sea Level to FL 220: 19 min.
  • Stall Speed: 67 kias

Aviation Market Trends & Retiring Aircraft

Compared to last year’s levels of 5-year new jet purchase plans, business aviation operators reported a 2% increase in the industry (Honeywell). However, the ongoing labor, parts, and materials shortage presents aircraft manufacturers with the challenge of making their deliveries on time.

As new aircraft sales increase, this also means the aviation community must prepare to say goodbye to nearly 6,300 aircraft expected to retire over the next decade including older Citations, Learjets, and King Air 90s.

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