Cessna Aircraft, designed and manufactured by Textron Aviation, is causing quite a buzz in the industry by announcing its newest Cessna Citation models.

Along with aircraft announcements, the Wichita-based brand also welcomes several other exciting upcoming changes. From new technology and partnerships to added luxuries and beyond, these are the next best additions coming to Cessna Aircraft.

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What To Know About Cessna Aviation’s Latest Announcements Including The All-New Cessna Citations

Here’s what we know about the all-new Cessna Citation and additional upcoming changes from Textron Aviation.

1. New Cessna Citation Ascend

Currently under development is the latest addition to the Cessna family – the Cessna Citation Ascend. This all-new Citation model is expected for delivery beginning in 2025. With a starting price of $16.725 million, here are the highlights:

The all-new Cessna Citation Ascend seats up to 12 total passengers and is designed to be more fuel efficient with an increased payload. This aircraft has a maximum cruise speed of 441 ktas and a full fuel payload capacity of 850 lbs. Its expected range for 4 passengers is 1,900 nm.

The Citation’s high-performance engines include dual-channel, Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)-controlled Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545D engines. Adding these engines keeps greater fuel efficiency in mind with improved range and increased thrust along with an autothrottle-equipped flight deck for a super smooth overall performance.

Latest software and hardware includes a fully equipped flight deck with Garmin® G5000® avionics featuring:

  • Bright high-resolution displays with Surface Visualization Tool (SVT™) for enhanced clarity even in IFR conditions
  • 2-page display for multiple systems and sensors
  • Intuitive touchscreen with shallow menus and audible feedback
  • Automatic Flight Guidance and Control Systems
  • Weather, charts, traffic, terrain, and Global connectivity options

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2. New Cessna Citation CJ3 Gen2

Expected for delivery in 2025, Cessna is also amping up client expectations with their latest announcement of its latest Cessna CJ3 Gen 2 addition. This all-new model has a starting price of $10.99 million.

The all-new Cessna Citation CJ3 Gen2 seats up to 10 total passengers and uses Garmin G3000 software and hardware. This aircraft also has a Fresh Air System for cleaner air onboard. This Citation variant has a maximum cruise speed of 416 ktas and a maximum range of 2,040 nm.

The CJ3 Gen2 is equipped with 2 Williams FJ44-3A turbofan engines. Additional pilot legroom and Autothrottle avionics offer both performance and comfort in one aircraft.

3. Garmin Avionics Upgrades Available In 2024

Since we’re on the subject, it’s also important to know that the latest Garmin G5000 avionics will soon be available for installation at Textron Aviation Service Centers for the Cessna Citation XLS+ and XLS Gen2. Updates are expected to begin in the first half of 2024 following type certification approval by the FAA.

Regarding safety, Garmin’s G5000 system offers Emergency Descent Mode (EDM) as a standard feature. If the aircraft were to lose cabin pressure, its EDM feature can automatically descend the aircraft to a preset altitude without the pilot having to take action. Autopilot is also assisted with Underspeed Protection (USP) to aid airspeed management, reducing pilot workload.

4. Interior Updates

Pilots and passengers alike can look forward to comfortable seating options onboard Cessna’s newest Citation including a side-facing couch design and 6 large ergonomically designed cabin seats. Owners can customize their flying experience with optional electric lumbar support and footrests. You can even adjust the firmness of your cushion with the touch of a button.

Cessna prioritizes both technology and comfort with USB charging ports, universal outlets, and wireless charging capabilities. In addition to larger cabin windows, the Citation’s wireless cabin management system allows you to change their visibility with translucent, opaque, and ring-lighted settings. There is also a lavatory with a customizable vanity, refreshment center, and extra storage room onboard.

Updated technology changes are also coming to Cessna’s family of Skylane, Turbo Skylane, and Turbo Stationair HD aircraft with power headset jacks and USB-A and USB-C compatible charging ports. You can also expect improved seating with additional padding and support and revamped center armrest. Other refreshed aspects include an updated instrument panel, new side panels, redesigned window locks, and air vents.

5. New Partnerships

NetJets is named a fleet launch customer for the new Cessna Citation Ascend by Textron Aviation. NetJets is an aircraft solutions firm that offers aircraft management, private jet chartering, and similar services. As part of their record-breaking fleet agreement, NetJets will purchase up to 1,500 Cessna Citation business jets over the next 15 years. Also included in this deal is the option to expand their fleet with additional Cessna aircraft in the future.

Textron also announced flyExclusive as their fleet launch customer for the Cessna Citation CJ3 Gen2. flyExclusive is known for providing premium private jet charter experiences on demand.

Along with flyExclusive, Hahn Air was also named a European launch customer for the Citation CJ3 Gen2. Hahn Air is a Düsseldorf-based schedule and charter operator with services worldwide.

Brief Overview Of Cessna’s Piston Series Design

Cessna’s first flight in an all-purpose aircraft took place on August 13, 1927. Moving forward, Cessna Aircraft would go on to be known as one of the most innovative aircraft manufacturers in the world.

Powering through several financial setbacks and the Great Depression, Cessna found success in the creation of its Skyhawk 172 – the most popular single-engine aircraft ever built. With over 44,000 units built since 1956, the Skyhawk remains in production and is part of an extensive family of turboprop and piston models.

The Skyhawk holds sentimental value for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. In fact, many pilots likely earned several flight hours training in a Skyhawk. It’s still widely used to train pilots in flight schools across the nation.

While its overall design essentially remains untouched, Cessna recently announced large interior changes coming to newly produced aircraft. Based on customer and fan feedback, Cessna realized people craved a more modern, sporty look and feel for its beloved line – and so they’ve delivered.

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