If you think piloting attracts a specific personality type, think again. The love of flight draws a diverse demographic from old to young, rich to poor, and even many celebrities.

It may surprise you to learn which of your favorite on-screen actors are also real-life pilots. 

1. Morgan Freeman

This 82-year-old actor is famous for his deep, likable voice and his endless silver-screen appearances. But before he became Lucius Fox or the “voice” of God, Morgan Freeman worked as an Air Force Mechanic and aspiring fighter pilot?

Owner of a fleet of aircraft, including the Cessna Citation Jet, Emivest SJ30, and a Cessna 414 twin-engine prop, Mr. Morgan has been piloting his aircraft since the age of 65 when he learned to fly.

Now, he lends his voice as the official narrator of AOPA media, did you know VREF is the official partner and exclusive appraisal firm for AOPA? 

2. Angelina Jolie

Beauty, brains, and benevolence, Angelina Jolie hardly needs an introduction to any avid moviegoer. This mother, working actress, and philanthropist also pilot her own Cirrus SR-22. 

Thanks to her son Maddox’s affinity for watching air shows, Angelina Jolie got her pilot’s license at age 29.

3. John Travolta

“Go grease lightning you’re burning up the quarter-mile.” Or should we say, “runway?” Star of such well-known hits as “Grease” and “Hairspray,” John Travolta considered piloting as a second career.

He owns seven jets and is known for mentioning his love for flying in interviews about his life and work. He became a certified commercial pilot through Australian airline, Qantas.

His home in Florida even boasts its own 4,500 runway where Travolta lands his various personal planes. 

4. Tom Cruise

Maybe it was all the time he spent as Maverick in “Top Gun.” Or perhaps his multiple stints as Ethan Hunt and other spy-pilots that first sparked Tom Cruise’s interest in becoming a pilot in real life.

His favorite plane is the P-51 Mustang, of which he is now the proud owner. A fan of this classic-looking plane, and other antique planes, Cruise says he wanted one since he was a boy. Don’t think for a second Tom would settle for anything less than fully restored, and his P-51 even makes a cameo in Top Gun 2.

He received his pilot’s license back in 1994 and has even been known to fly helicopters in addition to his P-51 and Gulfstream IV.

5. Gisele Bundchen

Move over Tom Brady; your wife is not only worth more, but as a Bears fan, she is more likable (just kidding all you die-hard Patriot Fans). Gisele, the world-renowned supermodel, is also a mother, wife of famous Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady, conservation activist, and helicopter pilot.

Her ability to navigate a helicopter has served her well when she needs to drop in for her meetings as an Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme.

She uses her pilot’s license to distribute resources to impoverished countries the world over.

Still, perhaps the most refreshing aspect of Gisele’s piloting resume is that she was six months pregnant when she got her license.

More Celebrity Pilots

The number of celebrity pilots out there far exceeds these five listed. Some others include Harrison Ford, Dennis Quaid, Clint Eastwood, and more.

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