Have you ever dreamt of taking an international trip on a private jet? It’s always exciting to go abroad, but long flights and long distances can make the traveling process incredibly stressful. COVID-19, international lock-downs, border closings, and increased anxiety are just a few of the reasons why a private aircraft is the only way to travel overseas.

The Guide To Private Jet International Trips

We want you to make the most of your travel experience. Private jets are soaring in popularity, and while some of this is due to tax incentives, much of the newly gained attention is due to the masses not wanting to wade through congested commercial airports.

While most people will never purchase an aircraft, that doesn’t mean you can’t fly on one. Even those who can afford to own their aircraft rarely purchase one outright when you have many alternatives to ownership today.

Regardless of how you obtain a seat on a business jet, here are some things you need to know.

Customs Are Still Required

When traveling on a private jet, don’t think you can skip customs. YOu will need to clear customs and be subject to a search. It also means the aircraft can be ramp checked, bottom line, do not bring anything into a foreign country that is not declared or considered illegal.

One of the benefits of traveling on a private jet is that you can skip the long lines required by commercial travelers. The customs agents will come to you and speak to you directly.

Depending on the private jet you choose, there might be stricter limitations on the amount of luggage and weight you can carry. Make sure you check this well in advance before booking your flight.

One of the best benefits of private jet travel is the level of security you will receive. You will know the passengers you are traveling with, and the crew on most charter flights go above and beyond in terms of customer service.

The staff and pilot(s) on a private jet are also vetted carefully. You can ensure a higher security and safety level when you travel on a private plane that you won’t have on a commercial flight.

Have Your Documentation Ready

You want to make sure that all travelers have their documentation prepared. Paperwork will include valid passports, visas (if applicable). With COVID, you will also need to have many paperwork ready, including where you are staying while in that country; remember to check quarantine rules before you leave.

The documentation is checked by the flight crew as well as security and immigration services. You want to make sure you have this prepared thoroughly so that there aren’t any last-minute issues.

There might also be required documentation for any special accommodations. For example, if you wish to travel with your pets, you will need to acquire documentation for this.

Decide On Your Amenities Beforehand

If you decide to charter a jet, you want to decide on your amenities beforehand.

For example, if you are traveling on a very long flight, you want to make sure there are ample food and beverages onboard. You might also want a flight attendant and in-flight entertainment systems to watch Netflix or check Instagram.

Make sure you inquire about the amenities before booking your flight. Extras should be taken with the utmost seriousness. They are what make the travel experience enjoyable. The outstanding amenities are what separates a private jet international trip from a commercial flight international trip.

It Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

One of the most significant advantages of traveling on a private jet is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Private jets are often thought of as a luxury that only the ultra-rich can enjoy. While there are large private aircraft with incredible amenities and services that can cost a fortune, you can travel at an affordable price for a lot less with a smaller plane.

To determine the cost of your private jet, you have to consider the size of the plane. A lightweight aircraft that can carry a few passengers will cost a lot less than a jumbo jet. If you charter a private flight, you also have to consider travel duration — Miami to Paris will cost a lot less than Miami to Doha.

If you charter a jet, you also want to consider traveling on an empty leg flight. These are last-minute flights for a plane that is arriving at a hangar. You have to keep an eye out for these flights, and if you are lucky to catch them, you can save thousands on a trip.

Make sure you speak with the charter company to see what deals you can negotiate to make your travel experience more affordable.

Come Fly With Me

Now that you know the benefits and rules of private jet international trips, you are ready to book your flight. Make sure you share this guide with anyone else interested in traveling on a private jet.

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