The world’s first helicopter, the VS-300, in 1939 was only airborne for a few seconds before crashing down. Yet the VS-300 became the standard for helicopter manufacturing across the world.

Helicopters have come a long way since then. Read on for a list of 7 of the world’s fastest helicopters.

1. Mil Mi-26 (Halo)

This Russian transport helicopter is used by both civilians and the military. It is the largest helicopter that has ever made it into series production. It is produced by Rosvertol’s aviation plant in Russia.

Its maximum fly speed is 295km/h. And it can also easily lift an airliner. It can fly at a maximum altitude of 15,091 ft.

2. AH-64D Apache

The AH-64 Apache belongs to the US Army. It is an advanced multi-role attack helicopter with four blades, a twin-turboshaft and a tandem cockpit for a two-man crew.

It can reach speeds of  284 km/h. It can also reach a maximum altitude of 15,895 ft at a rate of climb of 2,915 ft/m.

3. Eurocopter X3

The Eurocopter X3 is an experimental high-speed compound copter that made aviation history when on June 7, 2013, it reached 293 mph.

The X3 reached this milestone at around 10,000 feet during test flight over southern France.

4. Mi-28N Night Hunter

The Mi-28N is an attack helicopter that is built to complete search and destroy missions on vehicles, tanks, low-speed airborne vehicles, and enemy personnel during combat.

The night hunter works well night or day and even in bad weather. Its maximum speed of 186 mph makes this one of the fastest military helicopters out there.

5. AgustaWestland AW139

This 15-seat twin-engine helicopter can fly at a maximum speed of 190 mph. Though that is slower than many of the other copters on this list, when you take into account the 15 possible passengers, it is very impressive.

It can transport 10 fully equipped soldiers or 15 passengers at break-neck speeds. The AW139 is the 5th on the list of the fastest helicopters in the world.

6. Ka-52 (Alligator)

The Ka-52 is a single-seat attack helicopter that has been around since the 1980s. The Russian army began using it in 1995. It is known for its distinctive coaxial rotor system of the Kamov design bureau.

Its maximum speed of 186 mph makes the Aligator a close comparable to the AW139.

7. NH90

The NH90 is a multi-role military helicopter first developed in order to be a combat copter that could also be used in naval environments.

It has high-performance twin engines that allow this helicopter to reach altitudes of 10,5000 feet at a rate of climb of 2,200ft/min.

The NH90 can cruise over land or sea, day or night even in adverse weather. It’s helicopter speed of 186 mph makes it one of the fastest helicopters in the world.

Bottom Line on the World’s Fastest Helicopters

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed this list of 7 of the world’s fastest helicopters.

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