If you’re thinking of selling your luxury jet and upgrading, you have a lot of options. While some older models are worth keeping, there are plenty of newer advancements and more efficient powerplants that will give you more than enough reason to upgrade. Besides, who doesn’t like a fancy new jet for the holidays?

The aircraft acquisition process can be full of questions, so if you’re ready to start, here are ten luxury jets to consider.

1. Gulfstream G600

This luxury jet is excellent when you’re traveling all over the world at a fast pace. It has a four-zone cabin, and a more extended galley and crew rest then the G550 it replaces. Powered by Pratt and Whitney PW800 engines (A first for Gulfstream), it can cruise at .90 Mach and features a Honeywell Symmetry Flight Deck with four large displays. Enhanced vision and Heads up displays are standard equipment, and it will sleep up to 10 passengers.

2. Bombardier Global 6500

If you like traveling long and far and hate having to stop, well look no further. The 6500 can cruise at .90 Mach, and it can fly 6600 nautical miles. Plus, you get what some have called the best seats in aviation, along with a true wide-body floor plan. The cabin is 4k enabled, and the Vision flight deck is the first to include infrared and synthetic terrain avoidance in one combined unit. My favorite feature is the kitchen, as this is the first jet that has one worthy of the label. Rounding out the offering are brand new Rolls Royce Pearl engines, and a rapid heat and cooling system that will bring smiles to many faces as it reduces jet lag.

3. Gulfstream G700

Not to be one-upped by the engineers and designers at Bombardier, Gulfstream is going bigger and faster too. Making its debut at the NBAA 2019 convention, the G700 features a mind-blowing .92 Mach cruise speed, with 7500 Nautical Miles in range. The five-zone cabin is claimed to be the tallest, most comprehensive, and longest in the industry. Gulfstream has one of the best cockpits in the business, and the Enhanced Vision with Dual HUD’s and the PLPS (Predictive Landing Performance System) will keep the pilots happy.

4. Gulfstream G500

How do you take the best and make it better? That’s precisely what Gulfstream did when they remade arguably the best aircraft in its category, the G450. This clean-sheet design will outdo its predecessor in every way. The 500 will cruise at .90 Mach, and it has a range of 4400 nautical miles. The 500 is roughly 18% more efficiently than the 450, and like its new big brother the 600, it has new Pratt and Whitney PW800 engines and the 650 wings.

Make sure to get a pre-buy inspection to make sure the aircraft is worth the asking price.

5. Dassault Falcon 8X

How do you improve upon the 7X, you make it bigger, add some more fuel, turn the wick up on the Pratt engines, and make the cockpit even better with FalconEye. Plus, if you are looking to save money on operating costs, the new 8X has the lowest hourly operating costs in its class. The 8X can fly nearly 6500 miles. The company also announced a larger model for 2021, with larger capacity but shorter distance. Lastly, if the 7X is any indicator, owners will be thrilled with higher resale values when it comes time to upgrade again.

6. Honda Jet Elite

Honda took a play right out of their automotive playbook when they decided to upgrade the existing Honda Jet. The new state of the art avionics and cabin amenities take the already popular aircraft and make it even better. You now get 17% better range, noise-reducing engine inlets, better avionics, an industry-first cabin audio system, and the lavatory is now offered with a seat belt.

7. Cessna Citation Longitude

How do you sell 175 aircraft in one order? Build an aircraft for NetJets. The new longitude is powered by the HTF7700 from Honeywell, and will cruise at a maximum of 483 knots and has a real coast to coast range. It can seat up to 12, and it offers the quietest cabin in its class. It provides fully integrated auto-throttles in the tried and tested Garmin 5000 avionics suite and a wireless cabin. Plus, it has LinxUS software to inform the crew in real-time of any faults or issues with the aircraft and its systems.

8. Bombardier Challenger 350

The King of Super-Midsize cabins is the Challenger 350. Its a highly imploded derivative of the famous 300, and its a massive improvement across the board. The new 350 will go 145 nautical miles further than the 300, and it features an improved cabin management system and seats. The 350 also added Synthetic vision to the Proline 21 advanced avionics suite.

9. Embraer Praetor 600

It’s being called the best new aircraft (it means to lead the way), and this Brazilian jet is not a just a new Legacy 500, its a highly upgraded aircraft with cutting edge technology. It has an SVGS (S=ythetic Vision Guidance System), and that means you can fly autopilot ILS approaches to 150 feet above touchdown. It requires satellite augmentation, so it’s only available in the USA, but it’s fantastic.

With Fly by wire and its new enhanced vision system, its a joy to fly, and pilots are loving it. With 3900 nautical miles in range, and trusted Honeywell HTF7500E powerplants, it offers enough improvement over the 500 to warrant the purchase.

10. Embraer Praetor 500

Built to replace the Legacy 450, the little brother of the Praetor 600 was built to compete against the Challenger 350, which also offers true coast to coast range. The 500 features the same new winglets, and Rockwell Collins Avionics suite as its bigger brother, and

The Hottest Luxury Jets

These 10 models are only some of the choices out there for luxury jets. Whether you need a business jet or something for personal use, consider these options.

From selling your old one to choosing the best jet for your needs, there’s a lot to the process. Contact us for help!