With the average helicopter costing anywhere from $250,000 to $1,700,000 you better bet finding a deal is worth the effort.

But how do you shop savvy, and how do you recognize areas you can cut back on without risking the quality and safety of your new aircraft?

Not to worry, here’s a simple guide on how to get the best deal when you buy a helicopter.

Finding a Deal When You Buy a Helicopter

Freedom, adventure, convenience, what more need be said about the perks of owning your own helicopter. Whether you’re looking for personal reasons or business, narrowing your search for the perfect aircraft can be one of the biggest ways to cut costs.

Pilot or Passenger?

You will save time and money by deciding beforehand whether you plan on acting as your own pilot or hiring a professional to fly your helicopter for you. Deciding on a budget before you make this choice will also affect your purchasing decision for several reasons…

Most helicopter owners who plan on piloting their aircraft themselves tend to prefer easier to maintain models.

Smaller helicopters are easier to maneuver, maintain, and if you are only planning on using your helicopter to transport yourself to work or do some sight-seeing with one or two other passengers, a larger helicopter is an unnecessary added expense.

Consider All the Costs

Larger and even more luxurious helicopters require a more experienced pilot to safely maneuver them.

While hiring a professional pilot to fly a larger craft may seem more costly in the long run, you must consider the cost of flight school for yourself. Tuition is never cheap, nor are the fees for licensing.

Not to mention, the annual cost of renewing your own license.

To get the best deal on your purchase, just be sure to take all potential piloting costs into account. You may be surprised what ends up being the most economical for you.

The Distance of Excursions and Travel

When choosing which model is best for your budget, don’t forget that the smaller the craft, the more often you will need to refuel when traveling long distances.

Fuel costs add up.

Midrange crafts can usually travel several hours before needing to refuel, just like your car.  With a larger model, you may find that you need to stop and give yourself a break before you have to refuel your helicopter.

Again, the key to knowing what will be the best deal for your wallet is to decide how many passengers you want to transport on a regular basis.

If it’s a larger number of people, a midrange or larger helicopter will give you better fuel mileage and be more able to fit everyone.

Comparing Helicopter Prices

When it comes time to buy a helicopter, just be sure you’ve made all the cost considerations to make sure your needs will be met while staying within your predetermined budget.

See our helicopter price comparison guide for more help. You’re well on your way to making a dream a reality and owning the aircraft you’ve been hoping for.