Most people who want to find an aircraft with no inventory find that non-stop searching is necessary in finding something valuable.

Whether listings show up on social media and auction platforms like Facebook, eBay, or Craigslist, there may not be a viable aircraft for purchase.

This means that while sellers may list a ton of aircraft, only a select few are truly, genuinely for sale. In the current market, people are having a hard time finding planes as they are selling quickly. Don’t be fooled out there. Little to no inventory does not mean you need to settle. You have a few options to consider before buying.

Read on and learn how to find an aircraft with no inventory that’s worth every cent of your hard-earned money.

Be Aware Of The Current State Of The Aircraft Industry

Unfortunately for buyers, the aircraft market is hotter than ever. If you’re in the market for a specific aircraft, you may find them tough to come by.

Something you should look out for is an aircraft that looks cosmetically superior could have too many modifications. This allows the seller to have power over the listing. But an excess of changes could mean underlying issues.

For example, a beautiful-looking aircraft could be a bad aircraft with damage, blemishes, or missing records. Ensure that you see an aircraft before purchasing to avoid getting hustled.

Unfortunately, some people wait for good markets to sell inferior aircraft. This sets up buyers to pay twice the amount that they should on an aircraft that is not worth the cost and, even worse – is unflyable.

Don’t become a victim of a hot market in combination with a lack of education.

Discover What You Truly Need And Know How To Find An Aircraft With No Inventory

Some sound advice to go by when purchasing an aircraft is to pay all of your avenues. Skimping on an otherwise critical part of the buying process could cost you more in the long run.

If you’re a new buyer:

  • Stay within your neighborhood and get a feel for what’s going on
    Avoid buying an airplane halfway across the country
    Talk to people at the airport or with whomever you’re training with for more information
    Get a broker you trust who can help you in your search

Another occurrence you should look out for is any plane in inventory labeled as a “steal.” Just because it’s available doesn’t mean it’s the right aircraft for you. Stick to what you need in an aircraft and get all of the facts before making a purchase.

Quick Refresher Questions To Help You Define Your Needs

To help you further define your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will your flight miles or hours be?
    How many passengers are you expecting?
    What is your budget?
    Will you charter your aircraft?
    Which airports are near you to fly in and out of?

Aircraft Details That Need Your Attention

As you dig into the details, it’s essential to find out the following regarding an aircraft:

  • Condition – Find out the state of its engines, propellers, gears, and any other significant components and systems. You can use an aircraft condition checklist to help.
  • Price – Use a trusted aircraft appraisal and valuation company to determine the accurate cost of an aircraft. You should use a professional appraisal to determine current retail and wholesale market value or historical market value.
  • Model year – Ensure you are getting the most accurate model date as there is no standard within the industry to determine one. Model years can be inaccurate. Instead, reflect a year of manufacture, completion date, or year it received an airworthiness certificate.
  • Equipment list – Figure out what you want and what you’re willing to give up. Nothing is guaranteed. Take into consideration what the seller gives you and figure out what you want and can live without moving forward.

Be Aware of Your Budget and Get The Most For Your Money

While inventory may be low, so are the current interest rates for purchasing an aircraft. Keep your options open, and consider increasing your budget to get a quality aircraft that offers everything you want.

There are certainly some luxuries you may be able to live without, but you don’t want to sacrifice too much. A critical aspect of an aircraft you should keep an eye out for is its logbooks. It is best to purchase a plane with all of its logbooks. Be wary of aircraft for sale that does not have them. Carefully documented logbooks track maintenance, work orders, and so much more.

You may also waste your budget away if you purchase an inoperable aircraft (or at least not operated routinely). An aircraft left sitting around for years upon years can quickly get past the point of no return and be non-airworthy.

Purchasing a New Versus Used Aircraft

Now if you have a bigger budget to work off of, then you may have no other option but to purchase from the manufacturer. Doing so might get you a better warranty deal. However, you will pay a lot more for a brand new aircraft versus a used one.

Older aircraft are often heavily modified and not in a prime condition. Again, you’re going to want to revisit your equipment list to see what you are willing to compromise. When planning your budget around purchasing an aircraft, your options are to increase your budget or sacrifice on some components.

Don’t Get Caught Up In The Market

The aircraft industry is not a market you want to get caught up in. There is no telling how long inventory on aircraft will be low. Patience is key here.

Stay in communication with your broker. Remember, you don’t need to settle on an aircraft if you are unsure about any of its properties. You don’t want to end up with a dud.

Finally, be flexible with the models you’re searching for. For example, if you’re looking for a Cherokee 6, 172, or 182, you’ll be joining thousands of potential buyers. There may be less than 1% of availability for this aircraft. Let’s say ten are on the market, six are for sale, Of those, two are bad and two are out of budget. This means you have a choice of two aircraft that fit your criteria based on the one model you’re searching for.

Compare models and widen your search when you open yourself to additional options that come close to your ideal aircraft.

Do Your Research And Invest Wisely

It is possible to find an aircraft with no inventory. While it may be a difficult search, you are much better off waiting for the right aircraft rather than purchasing the wrong one. As a first-time buyer, you want to ensure your money is spent well. So tailor your aircraft purchase to your needs in the best way possible.