The Learjet 45 comes from a long and trusted lineage of business jets. In the ’70s, the name Lear Jet was synonymous with celebrities and businessmen. 

Today, the Learjet 45 is an appealing model known for its performance, and dispatch reliability. If you’re interested in this light business jet, we have a helpful overview of what you need to know.

Bombardier Learjet 45 Specs

The Learjet 45 was manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace, which acquired the Learjet Corporation. It was first produced in 1995 and was a clean-sheet design. The first prototype flew on the 32nd anniversary of the first flight of the Lear 23, the aircraft that started it all and the last clean sheet design as well. 

By the mid-2000s, the 45 was a contender in the light jet market. With over 500 aircraft being manufactured, it was competing against the popular Citation Excel and was an alternative to the Hawker 800XP, another aircraft famous in the early 2000s. 

Today is a different market, and the 45 attracts buyers looking for a big bang for the buck combined with trusted performance and a cockpit that can be modernized. 

The Learjet 45 is popular in the private jet market because of its performance and luxury experience, and an excellent aircraft can be bought well under 2M and be compliant for 2020 and beyond. The current 45 market is plentiful in the pre-owned offerings. There are several aircraft for sale that have what I consider to be must-have options. The first must would be BR engine mods, and I would avoid aircraft that don’t have the upgraded engines. The second must-have is an engine maintenance program. You have two choices, either MSP or JSSI. Either way, the market will offer higher values for aircraft on 100% engine programs. Honeywell now offers Primus Elite Enhanced, which finally gets rid of those CRT screens for LCD. 

Learjet 45 Features

This high-performing small jet can do it all; it has room for 8 in a simplified double club configuration. The aircraft has real lav, which is close to standing up (I am over 6 ft), and a range of 2000 NM. The cabin is roomy and has plenty of isle space to cross legs and adjust seats. I have had the privilege of flying one many time, and I find it the perfect size. If adequately refurbished, it will stay fresh and modern for a long time to come.

Another impressive feat is this model’s fuel economy. This is thanks to efficient, dual Honeywell TFE731-20BR engines and an aerodynamic design.

Aside from performance, the 45 is an impressive combination of range, economy, baggage capacity, and comfort for a price that is nearly impossible to beat.

Lear 45 Owner Benefits

The Learjet 45 offers a unique blend of interior space, speed, performance power, and efficiency. It’s technologically advanced and well-equipped enough to safely take you and your passengers from Chicago to San Francisco without incident.

These are all attractive assets for ownership.

Owners will also enjoy a relatively low hourly operating cost, and Direct operating costs are reasonable as well. Parts and support are no issue either, so do not worry about being grounded waiting for parts. Equally important is financing, and lenders love the 45 series as it has proven to be one of the better long term residual value performaers.

Be on Your Way Toward Owning a Learjet 45

If you’re intrigued by the Learjet 45 and acquiring your own, we can help with details about all the stages of the acquisition and ownership process.

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