Cessna by Textron Aviation

The Cessna Skylane 182 is a four-seater single-engine light aircraft that was originally introduced as the 180 in 1956 manufactured in Wichita, Kansas. The 182 became the better-known variant model a year later, in 1957. This aircraft has an all-metal body and a tricycle landing gear. A retractable gear was later introduced in models from 1978 to 1986.

Following the Cessna 172, the Cessna Skylane 182 is the second-most popular Cessna model still in production. However, the Cessna Skylane 182 offers more wing details than the 172, specifically as part of the flap and aileron designs. Over the years, newer models’ climb and cruise speeds improved compared to their fixed-gear counterparts.

Today, the Cessna Skylane 182 is popular amongst civilian pilots, flight schools, and cadet organizations worldwide. It can also be used by government and military operators, most notably in the United States of America and Argentina.

Manufacturer: Textron Aviation

Founded in 1927 and later purchased by General Dynamics in 1985 by Textron, Inc., Textron Aviation has owned Cessna since 1992. Since then, the Cessna has done a great deal of business for Textron Aviation and was one of the highest-volume companies, producing the most diverse variety of aircraft in the world.

Textron Aviation is a general aviation business underneath its conglomerate, simply known as Textron. What started as a small textile company in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1923 eventually grew and began to purchase other companies such as the automotive upholstery business Burkart Manufacturing Company.

After acquiring Beech Holdings (Beechcraft and Hawker Aircraft) in 2014, Textron was born. It no longer sells the Hawker brand but does sell Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft products. However, they will still service Hawker aircraft.

Other entities owned by Textron include:

  • Able Aerospace Services
  • Arctic Cat
  • Bell Textron
  • E-Z-GO
  • Greenlee
  • Jacobsen
  • Kautex Textron
  • Textron AirLand
  • Textron Systems
  • Textron operates through each company venture across the United States in Kansas, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and other areas.
  • Country of Origin: America

Cessna Skylane 182 A-R Statistics

Below are average statistics for the most popular and latest Cessna Skylane 182 model. For more facts and figures, you can access everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Cessna models and variations through VREF Online.

144 kts

Maximum Speed

840 Nm

Maximum Range


Maximum Occupants


Range Of Years Manufactured

Over 19,615

Total Aircraft Build


Current Operational Aircraft

1,100 lbs

Useful Load


Average Sale Value


Average Days On Market For Sale


VREF Demand Rating (Buyer/Seller/Normal)


Operational Resources

Operations Manual

Maintenance Document

Local Resources



Cessna 182R Details


The Cessna 182R has a cabin volume of 93 cu ft, while its internal baggage is 32 cu ft. Ergonomically designed seats make for a comfortable flight and are upholstered with a leather fabric typically in a light beige shade. The cargo compartment is easily accessible and can hold up to 200 lbs.


Two exterior styles are being the Drift and Ridgeflow designs. Drift features the color scheme more towards the tail end, while the Ridgeflow features the color scheme starting at the top and moving downwards, covering about three-quarters of the plane’s body. There are many color options available in both solid and pearl finishes.

The following colors for the 182 design are available:

  • Gray
  • Gloss Black
  • Castle Tan
  • Charcoal
  • Commercial Maroon
  • Beechcraft Red
  • Wildcat Yellow
  • Calypso Orange
  • Rich Blue
  • Beach Blue
  • Arista Blue
  • Marlin Blue
  • Jade Mist Green
  • Pilot Green
  • Kelly Green
  • Titanium Pearl
  • Cumulus Gray Pearl
  • Charcoal Gray Pearl
  • Slate Gray Pearl
  • Black Pearl
  • Dark Pine Pearl
  • CS Platinum Pearl 2
  • Carter Gold Pearl
  • Oak Brown Pearl
  • Las Vegas Gold
  • Electric Red Pearl
  • Dark Toreador
  • Red Pearl
  • Maroon Pearl
  • Medium Concord Pearl
  • Dark Blue Pearl
  • Columbia Blue Pearl
  • Imperial Blue Pearl
  • Sky Blue Pearl
  • Green Pearl
  • Topaz Green Pearl


The Cessna Skylane 182R may contain the following factory avionics:

  • Audio Panel – PS Engineering PMA7000M-S
  • Uavionix Tail Beacon for ADS-B Out
  • Cessna 300A Navomatic Autopilot
  • Dual Nav/Coms King KX155A
  • Transponder King KT 76C
  • VFR GPS – Apollo GX55
  • Bendix King DME KN64
  • Bendix King ADF KR87


  • Configuration: Single Engine, Piston, Fixed Gear
  • Max Takeoff Weight: 2950 lbs
  • Take Off Run: 705 ft
  • Cruise: 144 kts
  • Range: 840 nm
  • Landing Roll: 590 ft
  • Wing Span: 35 ft 10 in
  • Length: 28 ft
  • Height: 9 ft 3 in
  • Take Off Run (50ft): 1,515 ft
  • Max Take-Off Weight R: 3,100 lbs

Model 182 A-R Cessna Skylane (1956–1985, 1996–2012, 2015–Present)

Starting with the Model 182 in 1956, 16 more models were built afterward. Over time, wing details, climb, and cruise speeds improved.


Inspired by the Cessna 180, the 182 was introduced in 1956 and was made with a tricycle gear variation.

182A Skylane

Introduced in 1956, the 182A model features an increased gross weight from its previous version at 2,650 lbs. The original 182 has a gross weight of 2,550 lbs. Models A through D are all designed to max out at a weight of 2,650 lbs.

182B Skylane

The 1959 182B remains at the same horsepower but improved in cruise speed to 141 KIAS.

182C Skylane

Introduced in 1960, the 182C offers the same features as the 182B but with slightly upgraded avionics.

182D Skylane

The 1961 182D offers the same specs as the 182C but is the last model to feature a gross weight of 2,650 lbs.

182E Skylane

This 1961 Skylane model features an increased gross weight from its previous versions, from 2,650 lbs to 2,800 lbs. This max weight appears in all models E through M.

182F Skylane

The 1963 182F maintains its 4-seated design and best cruise speed of 141 KIAS. Its take-off and landing distance are the same as the 182E model at 625 ft and 590 ft.

182G Skylane

Introduced in 1964, the 182G offers the same specs as its predecessor, with its best range of 550 nm.

182H Skylane

The 1964 Cessna 182H has a standard Continental O-470-R piston engine and has a fuel capacity of 65 gal.

182J Skylane

The empty weight available increased slightly in this 1966 182J from 1,610 lbs to 1,620 lbs. You’ll also notice that Cessna skipped the model I and jumped from H to J.

182K Skylane

The 1967 182K offers the same specs as the 182J with slightly upgraded avionics.

182L Skylane

Cessna’s 1968 182 model L maintains an empty weight of 1,620 lbs and a fuel capacity of 65 gal.

182M Skylane

The 1969 model M is the last model to be equipped with a gross weight of 2,800 lbs.

182N Skylane

The 1970 Skylane N model features an increased gross weight from its previous versions, from 2,800 lbs to 2,950 lbs. The max weight for the 182N appears in all other models N through Q.

182P Skylane

The 1972 182P sees a greatly improved best range of 807 nm compared to the 182N of 550 nm. Cessna also skips the model O and jumps from N to P.

182Q Skylane

The 1972 182Q offers the same specs as its predecessor featuring a best cruise speed of 143 KIAS and a rate of climb of 1,010 fpm.

182R Skylane

With a gross weight of 3,100 lbs, the 182R offers the maximum weight of any other Skylane model. It’s also the final model to feature the Continental O-470-U piston engine.

182S Skylane

Later models such as the 1996 182S Skylane still featured a fixed landing gear. However, it is powered by a fuel-injected 230 hp Lycoming IO-540-AB1A5 piston engine instead of a Continental engine.

182T Skylane

Also powered by a Lycoming IO-540-AB1A5 piston engine, the 2001 182T Skylane is the only current variation still in production as of July 2015.

R182 Skylane RG

The 1977 retractable landing gear is in the R182 variation, powered by a 235 hp Lycoming O-540-J3C5D piston engine.


Another variation of the 182, the 1980 T182, is powered by a turbocharged 235 hp Lycoming O-540-L3C5D, piston engine and has a gross weight of 3,100 lbs for takeoff and 2,950 lbs for landing.

T182T Skylane

This 2001 light aircraft is also powered by a Lycoming TIO-540-AK1A piston engine and has a take-off weight of 3,100 lbs and 2,950 lbs for landing.

TR182 Turbo Skylane RG

The retractable gear can also be found here in the 1978 TR182. The retractable gear feature was only offered from 1978 to 1986 models derived from the R182 and TR182. It has a Lycoming O-540-L3C5D piston engine and a gross weight of 3,100 lbs.

T182JT-A Turbo Skylane JT-A

Back to fixed landing gear, this variation took its first flight in 2013 but had an indefinite hold from the FAA as of 2015. It has a 227 hp SMA SR305-230 diesel engine and burns 11 U.S. gallons per hour of Jet-A fuel.

Robertson STOL 182

This variation is an aftermarket 1967 182 STOL conversion that can alter the leading edge shape and aileron controls, lowering the stall speed below 35 mph.

Top Cessna Skylane 182 A-R Questions

How Much Does A Cessna Skylane 182 A-R Cost?

Many Cessna 182 models have increased in popularity and demand. As a reliable single-engine aircraft, Cessna’s 182 A through R models range in price from $80,000 to $160,000.

Keep in mind that definite pricing depends on several factors, including:

  • Engine hours
  • Equipment
  • Airworthiness directives
  • History (including any damage or corrosion)
  • Exterior and interior condition

Corrosion can especially be hidden underneath a new paint job, convincing potential buyers that an aircraft is in much better shape than it actually is. It’s also important to note that certain fixed-operating costs such as insurance and hangar choice may vary based on location, aircraft type, etc. Be sure to account for both direct and indirect operating costs when determining your budget.

How Fast Is A Cessna Skylane 182 A-R?

The latest Cessna Skylane model being the 182R, reaches a maximum cruise speed of 144 knots.

How Easy Is It To Fly A Cessna Skylane 182 A-R?

Cessna 182 models A through R are a reliable 4-seater single-engine aircraft. At a maximum speed of 144 knots, it’s easy enough to fly and make it from point A to point B without its speed causing too much of a challenge. Its range offers enough time to make adjustments as needed during your flight and has fair static stability for a smooth ride. Overall, many pilots enjoy flying the Cessna Skylane as it can be a great aircraft for new and seasoned pilots alike.

What Engine Does A Cessna Skylane 182 A-R Have?

All Cessna Skylane models A through P have a standard Continental O-470-L piston engine. Models N and P could also be equipped with an O-470-S piston engine. Models Q and R could be equipped with either a Continental O-470-U or a jet-fuel-burning SMA SR305-230 diesel engine.

Later variants surpassing the 182R became equipped with the following Lycoming piston engines:

  • IO-540-AB1A5
  • O-540-J3C5D
  • O-540-L3C5D
  • TIO-540-AK1A
  • O-540-L3C5D

The latest Skylane Turbo variation features an SMA SR305-230 diesel engine. However, its FAA certification is indefinitely on hold.

What Is The Maximum Altitude Of A Cessna 182?

Maintaining continuous cruise power is important for the Cessna 182. The highest altitude you can maintain at this level of power for the Cessna 182 is typically between 6,500 and 8,500 feet. This is, of course, dependent on weather conditions and other factors. You always want to be careful pushing the boundaries of flying at too high of an altitude. Doing so can leave you susceptible to hypoxia – which is when there’s a lack of oxygen reaching the bloodstream.

How Much Fuel Does A Cessna 182 Burn Per Hour?

The Cessna 182 varies in fuel burned per hour based on the specific model as part of its specifications. For example, the fuel capacity for a 1959 Skylane is 65 gallons , while the 2004 182T Skylane has a fuel capacity of 92 gallons. They each burn at 75% power per hour in regular conditions at 14 gallons and 13 gallons, respectively.

Is The Cessna Skylane Pressurized?

Newer Cessna models have a fuel-injected engine to avoid the dangers of carburetor icing. Two Slick pressurized magnetos (a particular type of aircraft magneto made by Champion Aerospace) give the turbocharged 206H model its current.

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