Did you know that journeys were taken by passengers in 2017?

Planes are becoming more congested than ever before. Customers everywhere are considering how they can exit this rat race and travel with a degree more comfort.

Perhaps you have wondered: just who does travel by private plane on a regular basis? Once you know this you can market to them.

Check out our comprehensive list of 5 types of companies using air charter services.

Government Agencies

Government departments require a high level of confidentiality. This makes them a leading user of the air charter service industry.

The ability to travel quickly without delays. To avoid crowds and maintain personal security. To host meetings on sensitive topics with nationals of multiple countries in a secure location.

There are many reasons for the government approving funding for private travel.

Private Security Firms

Much like government departments, private security workers need confidential travel arrangements. Many security firms, by definition, work in countries where there are security concerns.

Traveling independently of the public allows them to enter and depart locations quickly. The ability to travel in a way that is of the reach of the public should security concerns arise is especially valuable.

Fortune 500 Companies

There is a reason why companies make it to Fortune 500. It is generally because they are ruthlessly fast and efficient. They waste no time and are willing to invest to make this happen.

Nowadays, it’s seen as essential that companies that have high expectations are users of private planes.

This is especially true when the company has a broad customer base or has a need to fly to non-major airports.

Those on the Trip of a Lifetime

Experiences are sold all over the world. Depending on the price this can include private plane travel for the purchasers to a luxury resort.

Executives, leadership teams, employee incentives or just someone looking to celebrate their retirement with the holiday of a lifetime. There are a growing number of people who are willing to splash the cash for that unique experience.

The public is becoming a growing market for private aviation companies leading to offer more public focused services and price plans.


Previous generations may have been interested in getting off the beaten track and roughing it when traveling. Not so with millennials according to statistics. A prime factor in choosing a method of travel and location is a little “bit of luxury”.

This has led this generation to prefer private planes over short distances rather than more humble means of travel over long distances.

More Than Just Air Charter Service Guidance

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