Choose One of These Five Airports in Europe for Your Next Trip

Travelling to or around Europe on your own plane? London is the best place to land.

Discrete, private landings can be hard to come by in some of Europe’s most famous airports. Some are not qualified to land private planes or have way too much air traffic to do so, so if you’re a first time aircraft owner or are simply flying on a private jet for the first time, follow along!

We’ll give you all the information you need to know about which airports in Europe will accept your landing and do so in a fast and discrete manner.

Airports In Europe That Land Private Planes

1. London, Farnborough, UK

Farnborough was the United Kingdom’s first operational airfield and continues to be an important destination for travelers around the world. This is because it is free of conventional, commercial traffic. This gives you, a private jet traveler, complete control of any requirements, including when you want to schedule your flight.

This airport is only one hour away from central London, so it’s the perfect landing site for those with business to attend to. However, keep in mind that this location is not open 24 hours, so schedule accordingly.

2. Paris Le Bourget, France

This airport has been operational for a century and is currently Europe’s busiest airport. With three runways, it is able to support private jet travelers without any scheduling complications. It is also open 24 hours and is closer to Paris than Charles de Gaulle airport! If you’re planning on flying into Le Bourget, make sure you ask about any restrictions.

3. Geneva, Switzerland

At number two on the list of busiest European airports, Geneva Airport is a great destination for those looking to travel on a private jet to Western Europe. Traffic has slowly been decreasing to this airport, so scheduling might become easier as the years go on.

4. Berlin Schönefeld Airport, Germany

The secondary airport of Germany’s capital Berlin serves as a great destination for private jet travelers. Pollution and noise are not an issue here, and discrete landings are achievable at any time of the year.

Scheduling flexibility is high due to the airport being open 24 hours a day. Additionally, it is incredibly close to the city center, so transportation to business meetings or hotels should not be an issue.

5. KLM Jet Centre, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Netherlands

Another busy airport on this list, Schipol, is one of Europe’s best destinations for private planes because of their jet centre terminal. This separate terminal allows for the highest levels of discretion and privacy.

Schipol is approximately twenty minutes away from Amsterdam, so you’re not sacrificing commute for speed, efficiency, and privacy.

Wrapping Up

Landing private planes can be complicated, especially if you do not understand specific airport policies. If this is your first time flying on a private jet to Europe, make sure you research which airports in Europe can safely land your plane. This list is already a great place to start!

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