Three of the Best Private Jets According to Resale Value

Resale value matters whether you’re buying or looking at aftermarket refurbs. Here are three of the best private jets that perform on the resale market.

In the year 2017, 62 percent of private jet planes departed from the United States were privately owned. That’s versus the 11 percent that were fractionally owned, and the 27 percent that were charter flights.

Needless to say, private jets are a big deal. Owning a private jet is a very clear way to say that you’re a big fish in the pond.

If you’re in the market for a private jet, it’s very important that you do your research on the jets for sale. Only consider the best private jets, because you’re going to want to pay attention to resale value for later.

The Three Best Private Jets on the Resale Market

Selling or reselling high ticket items is a complicated game. Make sure you stay on top of it by only getting the best private jets for resale so that you don’t suffer from your choices later.

The Three to Watch Out Far

The Gulfstream G650 tops out the list as one of the most popular and expensive private jets out there. It costs about 68 million dollars to purchase and is known as having a fairly good resale value because of its reliability and its popularity. This is the largest and the most flashy aircraft of the bunch, which draws a pull for resale value as well.

The same holds true for a 2016 Falcon 8X, but the price you’ll pay tops out at around 57.5 million dollars. This aircraft has a cabin length of over 42 feet, with a width of seven feet. It’s comfortable for passengers, and cruises at 474 knots.

The Embraer Legacy 650 costs only 27 million, which seems much cheaper than the other planes on the list. Because of this, you’re making less of a risk of investment with your purchase.

It’s smaller than the other planes, with a shorter range, but the lower price tag will help when you’re trying to flip it around.

Two to Steer Clear of

Private jet resale values drop very quickly. If you’re going to resell, look for a quick turnaround time or a model that is known for holding its value.

Along these lines, the Learjet 60XR is a big price depreciator you should look out for. It has been losing value rapidly since it was made and should be a plane that you take off your list of ones to look out for.

The Cirrus Vision Jet is one of the cheapest jets you can buy, which may be a good thing if you just want a private jet. But if you’re looking to buy a jet with a good retail value, you likely don’t want one that can just seat two children and five adults.

Stay Ahead of the Game

When you’re looking for the best private jets, there are numerous other things to take note of besides just the price. But where do you begin?

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