Ever wish there was a database with everything you could want as a buyer or seller of aircraft?

Gathering reliable information about aircraft appraisal services can easily become overwhelming. This is why VREF Online is an ideal aircraft data assistant for individual owners and organizations. Because buying or selling an aircraft looks different for different people, our database can also help answer some questions like…

What features do I want most from an aircraft?

Is business jet A or business jet B better for my business’s travel needs?

What type of aircraft works best for long-distance travel?

What if I need an aircraft with a lavatory?

Is the aircraft I have in mind within my budget?

Contact our team of ASA Accredited Appraisers for comprehensive aircraft appraisals.

How To Use VREF Online For Subscribing Sellers, Buyers, & Businesses

Getting started as a VREF Online subscriber comes down to 3 steps where members:

  1. Explore VREF Online subscriptions (annual or monthly)
  2. Purchase a subscription plan
  3. Login and search

As soon as you’re logged in, you’ll immediately notice key VREF Online features that make viewing useful, up-to-date information easier for pilots, potential aircraft owners, financial institutions, and businesses.

What Is VREF Online?

VREF Online is a subscription-only, cloud-based software program that offers real-time online aircraft valuations. Using a vast aircraft value database, proprietary algorithms, and almost 30 years of historical data, VREF Online also includes:

  • Optional Equipment Lists
  • Modifications and STCs
  • Performance Data
  • Maintenance Expenses
  • Direct Operating Costs
  • Market Trend Data
  • Residual Values
  • Liquidation Values

When you’re looking for a variety of information about one or several aircraft makes, models, and types, it helps to find what you need in one place. But it’s also important to know right away that information on VREF Online cannot and should not be used in place of a proper aircraft appraisal. It helps to think of VREF Online as a blue book for aviation because if you relate “book value” to Kelley Blue Book®, you’re on the right track.

After identifying the subscription plan that works best for your individual or organizational needs, you can log in to access your dashboard.

*VREF is not Aircraft Bluebook. All product and company names are trademarks ™ or registered ® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

VREF Online Dashboard

After logging in, you’ll immediately see your VREF Online dashboard on the left side of your screen. This menu is broken into 7 sections for easy navigation:

1. Aircraft Selection

Buying or selling an aircraft starts with simple searchability. Rather than Googling online for hours, VREF Online assists in streamlining your research. Using the Aircraft Selection tab of your VREF Online menu means you can search by:

  • Aircraft Manufacturers
  • Engine Type
  • Number of Engines
  • Aircraft Type

You can choose from each category’s dropdown list to find a particular aircraft. For example, you may search the manufacturer alphabetically or by the airframe size. The search bar also allows you to manually look up any aircraft make, model, category, or serial number.

2. Market Leader Newsletter

Afraid you’ve missed our highly-anticipated quarterly market trend reports? By visiting the ‘Market Leader Newsletter’ section, you can catch up on archived reports and ensure you’re locked in for all future updates.

View previously sent market reports by selecting the dropdown list per year. On this page, you can also add yourself to our market report mailing list by typing in your email address in the search bar towards the top and clicking ‘Sign Up’ to receive future communications.

Don’t have a VREF Online account? Scroll to the bottom of our login page and enter your email address under ‘Sign up for our newsletter’.

3. My VREF Valuations

To use ‘My VREF Valuations’, select a specific aircraft down to the exact year through your search. As the dropdown for your aircraft expands, you should see the following information:

  • Aircraft Narrative
  • Performance & Specs
  • Value
  • Market And Engine Data
  • Maintenance Data
  • Airworthiness Directive
  • AD Number

Right below this information, click the ‘Start Valuation’ button to begin your online comparisons. You can even edit specific modifications, aircraft conditions, airframe time, and beyond to better narrow aircraft data. Regardless of which aircraft you selected, all should be available in your VREF Valuations tab to view, edit, print, or delete.

4. Indices

Each chosen index is available as a value graph for each of the following categories:

  • Late Model Large Jet
  • Mid-Sized Jet
  • Pressurized Piston Twin
  • Turboprop
  • Late Model, Light Single
  • Late Model, Mid-Sized Jet
  • Light Jet
  • Light Twin
  • Large Jet
  • Helicopter
  • Light Single
  • Complex Single

Upgraded VREF Online accounts also have access to a bank of custom index terms.

5. Comparison Tool

Our Comparison Tool is divided into 2 categories: Compare Aircraft and Compare Valuations. Comparing any 2 (or up to 6 for upgraded members) aircraft or valuations using the Comparison Tool offers a side-by-side look at general information and a graph showing retail price history over time. Moreover, the Comparison Tool results are downloadable in a PDF form to print or keep on file for future reference.

6. Maintenance Program Information

There’s no need to spend forever searching online for reliable maintenance programs. Sorted by ‘Title’ or ‘Category’, this tab makes it easy to locate and learn about maintenance programs for avionics and engine maintenance to airframe care and beyond.

7. Avionics Reference

As an aircraft remains airworthy, its avionics may change from owner to owner. Thankfully, our aircraft value database includes routine updates on a full selection of aircraft. This means you can search for any number of specific aircraft parts to find their estimated retail value.

Use VREF Online Data To Your Advantage

Equipped with your VREF Online login handy, you can use the information to…

Track The Most Important Metrics

Examine our exclusive selection of aircraft valuation data, optional equipment lists, performance data, and much more. Due to overwhelming demand, VREF Online has also published data on the operating costs for pistons through commercial aircraft. You’ll be able to craft your budget.

Explore Aircraft Listings

Learn what’s in demand or out of demand with market data trends. Easily track every single aircraft for sale on all the popular classified websites. Our staff of researchers sorts through every listing to provide real-time updates – showing you how many are for sale, how many are in operation, and the state of the model in terms of market demand.

Confirm Your Decision With Analytics

Once you have scaled into a particular model, it’s time to look at our advanced graphs and analytics. That will give you the bigger picture of the data already there. You’ll soon start to see tabled data and graphs for retail, wholesale, and residual values.

Answering VREF Online FAQs

Have a question about VREF Online? Check out the following to see if the answer to your question is below:

What Is The Difference Between An Appraisal & A Book Value?

An aircraft appraisal is an extremely detailed, data-driven document. Typically about 60 pages per report, our appraisals offer a fully comprehensive look at a specific aircraft completed by one of our Accredited Senior Appraisers.

On the other hand, a buyer’s guide or book value is not nearly as detailed as an appraisal and usually contains references, statistics, and general information about a specific product. Again, book values for aircraft have similarities but are not intended to be viewed as a detailed appraisal.

A book value is nice to have but should not be the final say in whether or not you choose to purchase an aircraft. The amount shown for a book value assumes that everything is in good condition and in proper working order. It does not take into account renovations, updates, and technology improvements of any kind.

Where Does VREF’s Data Come From?

VREF Online aircraft are listed alphabetically by the manufacturer and from small to large airframe size. You can also use the advanced filtering and search bar to look up any specific aircraft make, model, category, or serial number you’re interested in.

Furthermore, our data is updated on a continuous and regular basis. Deriving from our large aircraft online database, it is maintained in real-time by Accredited Senior Appraisers. This same database is used as an official value guide of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). It also includes elements you might want to know or simply find interesting such as current and historical aircraft data.

How Is VREF Online Different From An Appraisal?

Other reports, such as valuations, may be as short as 4 pages. However, an appraisal goes into great detail and length covering a specific aircraft. Moreover, it determines an aircraft’s current and wholesale market value or historical market value.

ASA Senior Accredited Appraisers conduct our VREF appraisals. These experts have experience working with a variety of aircraft, including vintage aircraft and warbirds.

VREF Online is the database kept for all aircraft. However, it is not an individual appraisal and should not be used as such.

What About The Difference Between VREF Online & A VREF Book Subscription?

A book value is a jumping-off point of the true value of an item. A VREF book will provide quarterly insight on fixed-wing aircraft only. It does not give all of the information available in VREF Online. A VREF Book does not contain as much detail as an appraisal. But a VREF Book will be a good snapshot of fixed-wing aircraft if that is what interests you.

However, if you’re looking for more information, VREF Online is the best way to go.

VREF Online Is More Than A Reference Guide

Ideal for buyers, sellers, financial institutions brokers, and anyone from a single aircraft to a portfolio of hundreds, VREF Online is the most value-packed database for the aviation industry.

We’re the ideal appraisal and valuation services business to stop by before you buy. With our appraisal services, you can get the detailed information you need to make a smart buying decision. You can also subscribe right away to VREF Online and receive immediate access to one of the largest aircraft databases in the world.

Contact us today for more information on our appraisals, valuations, subscriptions, and more.