Neil has over 30 years extensive experience in plant and machinery valuations and asset management, having been engaged in every conceivable area of personal property assets. He is an Accredited Appraiser through the ASA and Throughout his career Neil has worked with businesses of all sizes and in the most challenging of economic and market conditions. With a depth of expertise advising and delivering solutions to a diverse range of clients. Neil’s reputation stems from his ability to ask the right questions, understand the dynamics of the market, and to make an assessment of all the external factors that may impact the ultimate value of an asset. As a result he has retained a loyal base of National clients including Consultants, Accountants and Australia’s largest Financial Institutions and Banks. Previously to starting Liquid Assets, Neil was employed by GE Commercial where he gained extensive experience valuing and managing the GE Commercial Aviation Portfolio for Australia and New Zealand. His aviation experience has included the acquisition, sale and liquidation of various aviation assets across all states of Australia. Neil’s specialties include: Valuations of Fan, Turbine, Rotor, Turbo and Piston Engine Aircraft, ground handling equipment and ground support equipment.